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  1. Today went to Target and go myself a computer chair and some good speakers for my laptop. Table chairs are not comfortable for extended periods of computering

    I've been debating getting a case of Ravnica or splitting one between Karl, Kevin, and myself, but I think I'm going to just get a box and a Fatpack. There's too much I want right now that's of equal importance, examples being...

    - MK: Shaolin Monks
    - New LCD monitor for my desktop pc
    - Better vid card for desktop pc
    - 3x Cursed Scroll

    There's so many thoughts that go through my head anymore that I can't keep track of them all, and furthermore don't want to push further into thought with some of them, or in some cases don't wish to speak of them.

    All emo crap aside (because I hate emo shit), life is pretty good. I'm not looking forward to Mondays & Wednesdays next term consisting of 3 classes a day, however. I need to call or email my academic advisor and get it changed to two classes Mon-Thurs. during the day rather than three classes Mon & Wed and one class on Tuesday & Thurs.

    Also, putting a new perspective on old things:

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    2. Danarchy


      OMG a new patch. That's really kind of weird considering the game is so ungodly old in video game years now. The last patch came out like 2 years ago, IIRC. I never got what Blizzard has against maphacks. It's not like it's detrimental to the game, and sometimes the maps are so fucking huge and confusing that it's really just a good time-saver (like the maggot lair or astral sanctuary).

      Anyway, I really wish I could play but the game doesn't recognise my one surviving CD-ROM for some reason and the only workaround I know for that is complicated and take HOURS, so its pretty much not worth it. Maybe one day when I have a new computer. Someday...

    3. Ichor


      Or especially Durance of Hate 2. Anyway, my best character was a level 95 barbarian using frenzy that could survive just about anything until I got bored of the game and let them all expire.

    4. DOOM Anomaly

      DOOM Anomaly

      All of my old characters from yeeearrs ago expired too. :P So I made new ones! :D Map hack is a dilly of a thing to side with or against. It is neato to have, but I don't like it when people expect it of others if they are going to rush or run, or the feature that lets you see the other person's inventory, that's what asking is for. :D

      I don't mind the running around, but in some places (Undead Dolls in Durance, Death Lords in Act V, Oblivion Knights in IV and V, Tomb Vipers in Halls of Vaught, Black Souls in Worldstone Keep.) make running a big challenge. Though it is harder, an honest approach of running is the way I like best. :D