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  1. Some random dumbass on Xanga:
    It's really bugging me how I see kids everyday wear a AS I LAY DYING or UNEARTH shirt... yet the next day their wearing another Hot-Topic shirt like NINE INCH NAILS or TOOL. Quite sad, their everywhere now a days and it's really starting to piss me off that I love the same music as what these posers say they like...

    Them: "Omg! You like As I Lay Dying too?! Omg that song "Forever" is so amazing! Their so hXc!!"

    Me: Hey kid... a few things:
    1) "Forever" isnt THAT great as people say.
    2) AILD is "Metalcore" ... not hardcore. Why do kids refer to metalcore as Hardcore so much?
    3) I prefer if you stuck to your other hot-topic shirts like NIN or Green Day or whatever. I remember you loving green day like... half a year ago.
    4) Do you even understand them when metalcore bands scream? Please sing along without looking at the lyric sheet.
    5) When I look through your CD case... why do I find AILD and F.B.t.M.o.F. and yet find Hawthrone Heights and Senses Fail and shit?
    6) You'd probably die if Hot-Topic was shut down.
    7) a year ago you didnt even know what hot topic was, what hardcore was, what metalcore was... fuck, you didnt know shit, the only source of music you got was MTV and it was "da bomb" you said.

    Fuck dude I can go on and on... I hate these fucking kids. yet it's just a trend, in a year, hardcore and metalcore is going to be "dead" to them...

    Get the fuck over it. Jesus fucking christ. All of you with your straight edge, your punk, your emo, all this crap is just a stupid fad that's going to fade out when you get out of high school and you all realize that there's more to life than trying to fit in somewhere and align yourself with some group so you can feel good about yourself and feel like you're part of something. I'm sorry, but you think you're sick of that? I'm tired of seeing the whole god damn thing. You'd die if you didn't have some stupid group to join. You have to be straight edge and bitch about "posers" because it makes you so mad that you might not be unique and special and different. What the fuck is up with kids today? You go around whining about other kids copying your crap and being posers, and then you complain about kids if they try to be different and say they're trying to be different on purpose because they think being different is fucking "cool".

    All your stupid hardcore, metalcore, screamo, bimbo, Al Pachino, Emo, It's all fucking garbage. Listen to some bands what actually have something to say and you can actually relate to or you can get something from. Use music for what it's supposed to be used for, not as a tool to say you're better than someone else and as something so you can fit in somewhere. Take your dumbass X'x and your retarded hardcore dancing and stick it straight up your fucking asses.

    Good freaking god. I hate this crap.

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    2. spank


      Hey, metalcore owns!

    3. Goat


      i liked N*Sync back when they were underground

    4. Sharessa


      Goat said:

      i liked N*Sync back when they were underground