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  1. I don't really know where this goes or if this is even allowed here, but it's a Doom website so I know theres alot of computer people around (obviously) so maybe someone might be interested.

    I decided I don't need two computers, and I really want to sell this one to get money to use on upgrading my desktop. The conveniance level has somewhat dropped since I just use it like a desktop anymore and I never move it from my desk. I'm too paranoid about it being stolen at a place like Chicago.

    As it stands right now, I'm wanting to sell it for $550. Prices are somewhat negotiable, though I probably won't go much less than $500 (lets say $480 at the least, not including shipping). I won't be shipping this until my desktop is shipped to me from home in the next week or so.

    Model: Toshiba Satellite.
    Condition: Very good, except for the modem.
    OS: Windows XP Home Edition.
    Software: Comes with Microsoft Office package (MS Word, Excel, Money etc.), Adobe Acrobat Reader, DVD viewing software, stuff that comes pre-intalled on most computers, etc.
    Display: 15" LCD Display.
    Processor: 2.8 Ghz Intel Celeron Processor.
    Video Card: 64MB onboard video.
    Memory: 256MB RAM.
    CD-Rom: CD-RW/DVD-ROM Drive.
    Modem: 1 Phone port (doesn't work, only thing on the laptop that is disfunctional).
    Sound:Built-In Speakers.
    Sound/Mic Input: 1 Headphone Jack/1 Speaker Jack.
    Touch-Pad: Touch-Pad & Left/Right Buttons.
    USB: 4 USB Ports.
    Other Ports: 1 Parallel Port.
    1 Monitor Port.
    1 PC Card Slot (PCMCIA).
    1 Ethernet port.
    Includes 1 power supply/adapter. Batter on laptop lasts 3-4 hours depending on useage and settings.

    I can also provide pictures, if needed. I'm only going to be taking money orders on this unless I figure out Paypal because even though I made an account I've never used it before.

    I don't know if theres rules against selling stuff on here, but I thought I'd post it here incase. I have it posted on a few other forums I visit, too, but its on a first-come-first-serve basis with whoever I arrange a price with

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    2. Bloodshedder


      If he were to state the exact model number, it would be easy to find out. Also, there's no such thing as a "P4 Celeron".

    3. Hobbs


      Bloodshedder said:

      Also, there's no such thing as a "P4 Celeron".

      Of course there isn't. However, since Intel decides to name all Celeron processors, whatever they are a cut down version of, "Celeron," its a polite thing to do when referring to them to put what they are based off of, to help avoid confusion.

    4. Sporku


      I could use a laptop like that. It's just too bad I'm broke and unemployed!