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  1. Awesomeness reigns as of late. I put my laptop up on eBay but decided not to sell it on there, as Kris offered me $600 with payments of $150 each time he gets paid. First payment is next week! Rock on!

    I also cut quite a bit off of the upgrade for my computer by deciding to get the S-Video cable I need to connect my desktop to my 27" flatscreen tv. It gets here sometime Tuesday or Wendesday. Again, ROCK ON!

    Last night I formatted it and am preparing to put Slackware 2.0.1 on it when my friend Andrew gets online again. It's a temporary thing, really. I just need to find a good copy of Windows XP and then I'll back stuff up on it and format it again and put in Windows. If I decide I like Slackware, me and Andrew are gonna make it so that I can switch between Windows and Slackware.

    Speaking of desktop computers, I might mention that my two large packages filled with food and the majority of my remaining belongings from home arrived on Thursday. It was really awesome to dig through my stuff I haven't seen in three months. I was worried about my desktop the next night when I got around to hooking it up, since the power wouldn't turn on . I took the side off of the case and looked in, and the entire fan housing for the processor had got knocked out and a cable unplugged in the middle of shipping. I put the housing back into place and reconnected the wire to make it work again (note: knowledge from science my freshman class helped me out, its amazing isn't it? "All circuits must be closed for the electricity to flow". I'm awesome.)

    We were going to go to the Ravnica prerelease, and after debating about it for a while decided not to. It was too much of a hassle for our liking. I've ordered a few things on eBay at steal prices:

    4x Razia's Purification for $4.00
    4x Cloudstone Curio for $1.20
    3x Searing Meditation for $2.60
    3x Sazdek, Lord of Secrets for $1.50 (this + Dimir Doppleganger ;) )
    4x Sarva, Queen of the Golgari for $4.50

    Next week when I get payment from Kris I'll go after the Vulturous Zombies :D

    So instead of the PR me and Kevin went to Target today and I got Shaolin Monks. Its a pretty fun game overall, but in co-op it can be a pain in the ass. We started a single player game with Liu Kang and its great. All the reviews have been great so far I see why. I'm about 35% through the game right now on normal mode, and then I'll go through and beat it with Kung Lao. When you beat it with both of them you unlock Sub-Zero and Scorpion to play as, which should be interesting.