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  1. nine inch nails with_teeth: live 2005

    Yesterday we got up at about 11:00 am and messed around for a bit before we had to leave. We had planned to get there about two hours early, so I wrote down the directions for there (and back). We ate some lunch and then set out. We needed to go diagnally across the street to the CitiCorp building as that happened to be the downtown Metra station. We went upstairs and found where to get our tickets at and stood in line for a few. I told the lady we needed two tickets to Des Plaines (That was where the Allstate Arena was at). She said "Are you two 18?" I naturally said "Yeah, we're 19" and she said "Suuuure you are. Not quite 18, right guys?" and handed us the tickets. Then it hit me that she was nice enough to give us a minor's discount, which was awesome. Normally a one-way Metra ticket costs $4.80, and it costed us about $6.00 total.

    After that we looked at the thing above and found one that was going to Des Plains, but wait, it wasn't supposed to leave until 3:45 pm. Me and Kevin walked around for a bit debating over whether to go back home for an hour, but I was really positive that this was the right time. I suddenly turned around to the train beside the one we thought we needed to get on, and on it there was a time that said 2:30 pm: Des Plaines.

    I saw that then spotted an info both and went to make sure that was the train, and then we got on. It was pretty full because we were cutting it so close, but we got on and managed to get upstairs to the 2nd level and get a couple seats next to eachother by these crazy punk/goth kids. I don't know what they were, but the entire way there they were entertaining, atleast. Meanwhile, I just drew a zombie and some other stuff while we were waiting. Finally I heard what I thought to be the Des Plains stop, so I asked someone on the way out, and we were there. Next step was to get on the #250 Pace bus. We spotted one a few minutes after we got off the train, so we went over to it and I asked to see if it went to Lunt & Mannheim. She said we needed to take the one across the street, so I went ahead and went across the street with Kevin and we stood there for about 10 minutes screwing around taking pictures. The bus came along and we got on and rode down to Lunt & Mannheim.

    As soon as we got off the wind picked up and it as from the North so it was really freaking cold. It was already only like down to 52 degrees, so I don't know how much it dropped after we got off the bus. Anyway, there was a target right beside it but we walked up and we saw the line. After about 30 minutes of standing in line we found out we were in the Spiral Club entrance. Great. So we went to the other side, but there was almost no line there. Then some guy came along and said that if we have tickets that have seats we need to stay where we are, but if we don't, we need to go to the other side. So we stayed there because I thought we had seated tickets on the floor. I was still unsure about the whole concert business, since it's my (and Kevin's) first concert ever. So that cut the line down to us and three other people. After freezing for a while longer, here came another group of people. Well after playing musical lines, they ended up moving again. Then ANOTHER group of people came. There was a really huge problem with miscommunications, if you couldn't tell.

    After nearly freezing our asses off, the doors finally opened a little after 6:00 pm. We got in and the show was supposed to start at 6:30 pm so I went to one of the merch lines, and they weren't too long. The prices were skyrocketed on the stuff.

    Gray NIN Zip-Up Hoodie: $65
    Black NIN Hoodie (No Zip-Up): $50
    All NIN With Teeth: Live T-Shirts: $30 (There were about 4 or 5 different ones. One was a new one I'd never seen. It's dark blue like the babydoll one on the NIN site except for guys and it has some cool design on the front and the NIN logo in gray)
    Thermal "With Teeth" Shirt: $45 (From what I could see this was just a long-sleeved shirt. I didn't see anything special about it).
    NIN Cap: $30 (or was it $25...)
    NIN Beanie: $30 (again, or was it $25?)
    NIN Stickers: $12 each (Variet of stickers available).
    NIN Pin-Button Set: $12
    Tour Poster: $20 (smaller than I thought they'd be...)

    And... that's all I can remember. I may have missed some merch. I do remember they had that With_Teeth babydoll shirt from the nin merch store, as well as the Star****ers one, and one that had the Sin-type NIN logo on it, but I don't remember what the babydolls were.

    Oh yeah, there was one especially cool shirt, but I think it was for girls as well. It was sleevless and a kind of thin satin, and the entire shirt was designed to be the With_Teeth cover artwork. I think that one was like $25. I didn't see the brown shirt, so it must have sold out to those Spiral ****s... (no offense, but I got there two hours early thinking I'd NEED to be there that early, when I didn't, so I stood around in the cold with freezing wind blowing at me waiting for the doors to open for TWO FREAKIN HOURS)

    I was planning on getting the gray hoodie but they sold out of it in my size. I'm glad I didn't, I'd rather order it for $15 less from the nin merch store. I ended up getting the best Live shirt I saw, and the tour poster, since the only make them for that show and after they're out, they aren't going to make any more of them, at all. It's a collector's item, in the end. I'm gonna get it framed.

    So after we got that we went ahead and went to the arena and showed them our tickets and they said we needed to get a wrist band. Oh, we really are on the floor. ****IN AWESOME! So we went down where there were a pile of people standing around the stage. We went down and were about five people from the edge of the cage. We stood around for a while, until about 7:00, when Autolux finally came out. My feet were starting to get really tired from standing around so much, and so were Kevin's. Finally after five songs that seemed to go on forever, they left the stage. God they sucked, so ****ing much. Their last song just went on for freaking ever, and the way the bassist/singer was swinging around his bass guitar made me want to climb on the stage and punch him in the face a few times. Kevin put it best: "That was like a little kid who gets a new piano and pounds on all the keys and is like "Look mommy! I can play the piano!", as well as "Autolux: Proof that having a chick drummer doesn't make you cool." After that there was about 15 minutes and me and Kevin went off to the side of the floor and sat down to give our feet a rest.

    Next up was Queens of the Stone Age. They played about 7 or 8 songs, and I recognized 3 of them, though I never knew it was them. I actually hadn't heard them before (nor Autolux, which I can say I'm thankful for). They were really great, and Josh (the lead singer) was pretty funny with the random comments he'd give during songs or inbetween. After that I was really tired, and the silk curtain in front of the stage and on the sides came down and the lights came back up. We sat down again, this time right where we were. When people started piling up I realized we should probably get up and sustain our positions. We were really close but now were at an angle to the stage.

    After a while, I began to hear a weird noise over the music they had playing during the intermission. It was faint and it kept getting louder, then I recognized it and a few seconds after a guitar kicked in and the lights went out. Pinion was being played, holy ****, it was starting. There were these flashes of light on the stage behind the curtain, and finally after what seemed like forever, Pinion suddenly stopped, and the beginning of "Love Is Not Enough" began. They created a really awesome effect, as the silk screen was still down, and there was a bright white light behind them, and the stage was completely filled with fog. All you could see was white cloud and their black silhouettes. It was freaking awesome.

    After that Wish was played and the lighting was really awesome. Everyone was bouncing up and down and rocking around and you could feel and see the waves of the crowd move. Next up came Terrible Lie, which was one of the best songs played at the concert. I noticed that the drummer couldn't have been Josh Freese because he had long, dark hair. I knew it wasn't Jerome Dillon because he was off for the remainder of this leg of the tour. I thought it might have been Chris Vrenna, but thought "Noooo, it can't be Vrenna."

    Anyway, after that, The Line Begins to Blur. These awesome lcd screens on the back of the stage started to light up with magma. It was awesome, because it looked like it was just rising. The entire background behind that was a lcd screen and a line started going across and spreading out. It was one of the most awesome songs. After that, March of the Pigs, The Frail/The Wretched, Closer, Burn, and Gave Up were played.

    At this point, the silk screen was lowered again, and a huge projector started projecting images, and they started playing Eraser. There were really awesome images. At parts when he'd yell "ERASE ME" and the Chrous line, it'd show images of missiles, war, and explosions, and dead people from Iraq and stuff. At first it started off at the cellular level, with blood cells and microscopic stuff. God it was amazing. It ended with a chimpanzee catching a bird and biting into it.

    Next up was Right Where It Belongs. It was mainly the theme of war and commercialism, there were several fly-over shots of nature and housing and building ("What if all the world around you, isn't quite as it seems? What if all the world you think you know, is an elaborate dream?"). At one point it showed a couple dancing, and as they turned around it as revealed to be Bush, and the entire audience in unison cheered for Trent and flipped off the image at the same time.

    As soon as that was over, Beside You In Time began. The lcd lights lit up behind the curtain and the curtain had an water-like texture over it the entire time vibrating. At the 2nd half of the song when it gets heavier and really kicks in, everyone got into it and all the lcds and the curtain had this weird texture on it but it was scrolling up faster and faster, like you were travelling through space. After that, Sin was played, and the curtain was lifted back up. Just amazing.

    They started playing a song I didn't recognize and it turned out to be a remix of Only, which is one of my favorite NIN songs. The lcds were again showing images rather than just color, they were showing enlarged tv static, and the project was projecting that same static image onto the band, making it as if they weren't real ("Fading away, well, you might say I'm losing focus, kinda drifting into the abstract in terms of how I see myself. Sometimes, I think I can see right through myself."). The static would grow larger until there were just huge black and white squares going back and forth on the monitors and on the band.

    After that, I was pleased as they played Reptile, one of my favorite songs ever. There wasn't any use of the LCD screen but the combination of the green and yellow lighting and smoke was amazing, combined with the purple during the chorus. After that Suck was played, and of course, followed by Hurt. Next up was The Hand That Feeds, a song that's better live than it is on the album, and it rocked my world. Finally they ended with Head Like a Hole, and we got out of there as fast as possible. We needed something to drink and eat so we went to the Target across the street but it wasn't open. Damn. I had Kevin check the time and it was 11:10 pm and our bus arrived at 11:25 pm, so we went on over to the bus stop across the street and got on.

    After we got off, we had an hour to wait for the train, so we looked around for more restraunts but none of them were open. We went into one that we thought was open and everyone looked at us really funny, and finally they said the kitchen was closed and just the bar was open. Well, that explains the weird looks. We went back to the train stop and waited for what seemed like forever. This nice black woman showed up and we talked for a while. Finally the train came. She had dozed off so we were nice enough to wake her up and we got on the train. About five minutes into the trip, the worker that was on the train in our car (the very first car) said "What the hell is that???" and suddenly the train shook and came to a stop. I was somewhat paranoid, but that's because a Metra train here in Chicago was speeding and derailed not long ago. We waited around for about 30 minutes. Apparently, the train had hit something unusual. You want to guess what it was?
    ....a port-a-potty. Yes. A port-a-potty.

    Someone had apparently placed a port-a-potty in the middle of the track. They had to back up and get the cops there to make sure there wasn't a body anywhere, and then finally we got back home. We went up as fast as possible at that point, ate a couple Jeno's pizzas, I uploaded the pics and vids I took during the show (yes I snuck my camera in), and then we went to bed. None of the pictures really turned out that well, but the video are awesome (though soundless).

    Pictures Located Here

    Video Clips (Soundless, Quicktime format):

    Love Is Not Enough 1*
    Love Is Not Enough 2
    Terrible Lie 1
    Terrible Lie 2
    The Line Begins to Blur*
    March of the Pigs*
    Gave Up*

    (*= my favorites for you 56kers.)

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    2. sgtcrispy


      I get to see them Tuesday at St Paul in the Xcel Center.

      Judging from your experience, the st paul show should be wicked.

      Plus being a premium member should come in handy.


      EDIT MARK 2: The replacement drummer is Alex Carapetis

      EDIT: How did you sneak the camera in if you don't mind me asking? I have either my film camera or i can take the bars' digital with me. The digital has a flash which I figured I'd just put some electrical tape on the flash just in case.
      It can take movies too, so any ideas?

    3. Kelzam


      sgtcrispy said:

      I get to see them Tuesday at St Paul in the Xcel Center.

      Judging from your experience, the st paul show should be wicked.

      Plus being a premium member should come in handy.


      EDIT MARK 2: The replacement drummer is Alex Carapetis

      EDIT: How did you sneak the camera in if you don't mind me asking? I have either my film camera or i can take the bars' digital with me. The digital has a flash which I figured I'd just put some electrical tape on the flash just in case.
      It can take movies too, so any ideas?

      I put my camera in the wasteline of my pants in the front behind the button. I was wearing a hoodie so you couldn't tell anything at all was bulting out.

    4. Use