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  1. The other day a pretty distant friend of mine who was once close said that the more he lives the more he hates things about himself and the world. Everytime before I go to my Friends' page on here, I obviously see the first entry of my livejournal before seeing theirs. I saw the first line of the song I posted last time:

    Why don't you ask the kids at Tiananmen square?
    Was Fashion the reason why they were there?

    And somehow I was able to connect this a line to him from this and to what he said. Perhaps it's the way I personally envision the song and what it means in relation to who and what he is. After a while I started thinking about it and I knew why it did, and I also realized why we drifted away. Everytime I read his entries, they're about college, or a music show, or some new trend him and his friends have started which I just shake myself to and walk away from (ie. the sudden interest in Lazy Town and Power Rangers. You know, the stuff only a 5 year old would like. But the point of this isn't to bash him, I'm sure theres plenty of things he doesn't like that I do). Everytime we discuss something it's related to something having to with what is and isn't in music and that's the only way I can strike any form of a reasonable conversation with him. Perhaps it's his choice to do that, perhaps it's not, but that's not the point of this.

    I realized based on the things he talks about and his general life style and worries that he's completely disconnected from the world outside of his own and seems to be unaware. I've never seen him be concenred about politics, war, or events happening around the world. When I realized this it hit me why we drifted away from being friends. He's comfortable in his world, and the only thing he ever thinks about that effects his life in one way or another is things having to do with school. The next biggest problem he thinks about is if he's pissed off one of his friends that are physically around him since they're actually tangable and we knew eachother for years over the internet (though many times talked about visiting one or the other, and honestly I'm not sure I'd want to visit him as he is now) and met through a Doom forum. Theres never anything bigger in his life or thoughts bigger than his own world within his head that he worries about day to day. Having friends there, his shows and interests, and school, he doesn't seem to think outside of any of it.

    That is where that line comes in, because some people, and it includes him, I feel like would say something like "Was fasion the reason they were there?" if it happened in today's time; They're too centered around themselves and what orbits around them to pay attention to anything that doesn't. Moving from a small town of people who do nothing but gossip about eachother and follow George W. Bush's every word as if the man were Christ himself, to a bigger city where people are too wrapped up in their own lives to stop or look at you and say gree you and people are constantly on a cellphone talking to the same people day in and day out, it never changes. This is why the world has become what it has; Neglect, ignorance, it's all reason. Scientists argue about global warming, a phemonenon which if real has already been set in motion too far, when we have people living in our own world that could cause a chain reaction destroying 70% it with the launch of one already existing missile at the right target at any time.

    It's obvious how many people are neglectful in this world and have no real sense of whats going on, but what happens one place in this world is now something that effects it as a whole. Of course, on the otherside, if people acknowledged any of this they'd be living in bomb shelters the rest of the time George W. Bush was in office knowing that theres a psychopath with nuclear arms in North Korea who could flip out any moment. Maybe after the world has fallen on it's knees in a nuclear winter and half the population discintigrated with the other half in hospitals with radiation sickness, people will decide to look at George W. Bush and say "You were wrong, there were no WMD's in Iraq, you complete fuck head" as they die gasping for air.

    "The revival of the old ones is upon us!"

    1. Epyo


      what's up with the prophet skeram

    2. Shtbag667


      Congratulations, you are now thinking like me.

    3. Kelzam


      Epyo said:

      what's up with the prophet skeram

      I'm not sure. He's probably one of the coolest looking bosses ever though.