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  1. So, last week I started listening to KMFDM a lot for the first time. Needless to say, as I'm mentioning them in my blog, I feel they're a really great band and wish I had started listening to them sooner. It resulted in me wanting to make music for the first time in almost a year. At first I was inspired by their mixture of electronic and hard rock in their songs. It was my inspiration, though the song began to transform into something very... strange, as I got more and more into making it. I really didn't have a title in mind for the song as I began writing it, but it reminded me of the way in which the band Orgy had used their name; "Orgy" was not meant to refer to the sexual meaning, but the large combination of different sounds applied in their music. At first I had simply named the track "Alien" due to its sound, but as I've worked more and more on it, I've renamed it "Alien_Orgy". Right now its at 4'02, though I plan on making it at least two minutes longer (In other words its still a WIP). Anyway, here is what I have thusfar:


    I feel I've really progressed in terms of layering. While this song does not have the same song structure in it that I had learned to put into the last songs I've made, I feel its a definite improvement over songs I had made tracks when I first began, such as Mechanical Labyrinth. I still use FL Studio 5 rather than 6, mainly because all the verisons of 6 I've obtained do not include the Sytrus generator which is a key in almost all of my work (in 6 apparently it becomes a seperate add-on, rather than being built-in like in 5).

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    2. Bucket


      I heard my name.

    3. Lüt


      Did I not tell you once? It's missing the porn samples :(

    4. Kelzam


      Lüt said:

      Did I not tell you once? It's missing the porn samples :(

      So you're saying you want to hear tentacle porn? Gotcha.