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  1. Contents:

    Part 1: Boring RL Shit
    Part 2: Doom Stuff

    Part 1: Boring RL Shit

    Bushwacker Days (the town fair, which celebrates the burning down of the town decades ago) was this now past weekend. As usual it was anti-climactic and overwhelmingly boring. I'm not sure why I'm not one to ride carnival rides, but being that I'm not, that ruined any possible fun there might have been up there for me. I saw a few people up there who were minor aquaintances back in high school, and then left shortly after.

    Last night some friendscame over and we did some Magic trading and played MK Deception. We tried to connect two X-Boxes over two tvs so we could have two people on each tv playing Halo, but that didn't work, which I believe is due to the missing hub (One of them thought we could directly connect the X-Boxes with a cross-over ethernet cable, but we don't have one, and I'm pretty sure I've had this happen before in the past). Ah well, I hate Halo anyone, and my opinion (nay, facts) of it's horrid gameplay are well documented.

    Part 2: Doom stuff

    After taking a break due to stress and a bad case of insomnia, I decided to pick up mapping again. While work on The Exiled continues, I decided to work on my promised NewDoom Community Project 2 map (they could have picked a shorter, more concise name). The inspiration sort of came from nowhere, but being how much I love Doomsday's model and BIAS lighting, as well as its glowing flats and scripting, I'll probably release a seperate version later. I was going to be lame and name it "Ultimate (Insert Map Name Here)", but Spork already took the "Ultimate" idea for Simplicity :'(

    1. Naked Snake

      Naked Snake

      The first thing I thought when I saw those screens was "could be an awesome Strife map" but that also means it'll be an awesome Doom level.