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  1. Just found out this morning that my grandmother may have uteral cancer. She doesn't get her tests back for a few days but the doctor said thats what it looks like. If that is what it is they caught it in the early stages and she'll have to go up to Kansas City, MO for treatment. I think it goes without saying that I'm really scared for her.

    1. Bucket


      How old is she? Both my grandmothers have had cancer. My dad's mom actually is in the hospital right now for abnormal heart rate. Plus my mom had cancer this year. It's a couple months of being miserable, but catching it early and the person's health can mean a lot. Some people bounce back and never have a relapse.

    2. Technician


      Its a big thing. But hey my mom had cancer six times!

    3. Bucket


      Yeah, my grandmom came home yesterday. Congenital heart failure. Add to that her age (she's 89), incontinence, all the medication they put her on and the dementia, and it's amazing how she still manages to be a complete bitch. That's how she lived, though, and she's damn proud of it...