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  1. As a preface, recently I've been experiencing an issue while playing WoW where randomly I'll lose input signal on my monitor, and some times you can hear the in-game sound continuing, where as other times the sound will cease up like the computer has hard locked itself. I had become a rather frequent issue.

    When I would turn my PC off and back on again, some times while loading Windows it would do this again. Usually it took a restart or two at the most to fix it, and it'd go for a little while without doing it again.

    Now, I cannot pick up a video signal at all. I tried to take the video card out and plug the monitor into the MOBO on-board chipset, but I still get no video signal at all. I thought it was the video card because I observed the on-board cooling fan on the video card jerk a little then never move afterwards.

    Here's whats in the case:

    Mobo: ASUS M3N-HT Deluxe
    Video Card: GeForce 7950 GT
    RAM: 2 GB
    Quadcore AMD 2.3 Ghz CPU

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    2. Kelzam


      So I finally got around to installing a new power supply and video card, and it was acting fine. Suddenly earlier today, the computer locked up so I hard to shut it down. Upon turning it on, now it won't ever pick up a video signal on my monitor again. I tried resetting the BIOS following the instructions of removing the onboard cell battery on the motherboard and switching the jumper below it from 12 to 23 for a few seconds and back to 12 again and turned it on. Still nothing. Any ideas what I should look at next? :/

    3. Maes


      Well, I still have an old MSI SOcket 745 mobo which was permanently damaged by a defective video card -everything placed in its PCIex or AGR slots would cause it to lock up as soon as you fired anything DirectX/OpenGL based. In the end, it only worked stably with PCI video cards (I mean without the express part) video cards. Time to change mobo, says I.

    4. Bucket


      Did you try onboard video?