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  1. It feels like it's been forever since the break up, even though it's been a relatively short amount of time. Every day lately has just been this rollercoaster with medium highs and discovering new lows. I can't honestly say I've ever been this depressed before, and try as I might it's about impossible for me to get really motivated to do anything. I've been lucky enough to have a web of support from various friends and I've found myself bouncing from friend to friend trying to preoccupy myself to avoid the low points. Today and last night were probably the lowest points yet. I've never experienced the thoughts I'm having right now, and it's very weird.

    I don't know why I can't just let go. My mind tells me it's pointless to keep going on like this but my heart keeps overriding my mind with ultimately futile feelings. I have a few good things going at the moment outside of this, and I wish I could focus on them. Portal 2 and co-op with a friend was a nice reprieve from all this, though. I'm looking at a project someones doing trying to rip the soundtrack from the game which is amazing.

    Speaking of music, I was able to snag a copy of ohGr's new album "unDeveloped" and it's absolutely amazing as well. The later half of the album is probably my favorite part. In any case it's a big departure from Devils In My Details, but in a good way. I guess the word for it is "experimental".

    1. Sharessa


      I thought the third album was pretty terrible. Maybe I should check this out, though.