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  1. After growing up and going through school in this shit hole town, going to Chicago and coming back and all the bullshit since then, I'm finally moving tomorrow. It feels kind of sad to be the last of my friends to get out of this town, but you know... my friends that made it out of this town aren't doing much better than they were when they were here. Either way, I'm really looking forward to the city life and all the life changes that'll come with it. I'm leaning towards the idea of trying to get a career in game soundtrack ideas eventually as I feel I've improved a lot over the years and that the music I'm writing now is decent quality so who knows. I'll be collaborating with a close friend of mine I've known for 8 years that I'm sharing an apartment with. New friends, new place, new life. For the first time in ages I feel like life is worth living.

    Also finally got a haircut, so I don't feel the need to hide under my fedora when I take photos.

    And I'm sad I have to leave the kitten behind, because this is my impression of what'll become of it being left with my family, via drawing

    Actually, here's my gallery. Knock yourself out. http://daoloth.imgur.com/

    Finally, my response to a wiki article someone linked me when I said I never heard of the new FPS they were playing ("Brink" apparently):

    *Cave Johnson voice* Man. Classes in FPS games. Back in my day you were a lone space marine trapped on a distant planet battling your way through hell! LITERALLY! Didn't have none of these new fangled health regenning, allies, objectives or cut scenes. If you kept some of your limbs and made it to the exit, mission accomplished! Up hill both ways snowed in no shoes and only a pistol because you probably DIED.