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  1. Kelzam

    No early Doom review copies for anyone

    Is there even a point to reviews anymore with all the edgy pseudo-reviewers these days trying desperately to be the Howard Stern "shock jock" of the gaming world? It's hard to be bothered by this fact when frankly there's a huge lack of any integrity or opinions on games anymore that isn't being exaggerated to sensationalize one's opinion for the sake of more views/watchers/subscribers. As evidenced by this thread, whether there's reviews or not, some asshats are going to cancel their order as evidence of the game "sucking", and if you're that easily swayed then you're probably impressionable enough to throw a tantrum because someone that barely qualifies as an intelligent lifeform can't find their way out of a dark corner and deems it "bad".
  2. I was working on my DOOM 64 EX map around 10 PM tonight when I got a call from my Mother. I had a sinking feeling in my stomach - she always texted me to ask me to give her a call when she wanted to talk. She never called without warning. As soon as I picked up the phone I heard it in her voice that something was really wrong, and she told me it was grandpa, that his heart had stopped and they couldn't do anything for him and get it to start again. Somehow I just knew it had to be that one of my only two grandparents had passed away, I just didn't know which to expect. My grandmother has always had impeccable health but is only 5'0" and very much overweight.

    My grandfather has struggled since he had a combination of a heart attack and stroke a few years back, even having a blood clot removed this last Fall that could've done him in, otherwise. The worst part is being in Houston, when my family are all up in Missouri and not having the means to go see them at the moment. I'm hoping the funeral or services are during the weekend so my partner and I can go see my family and be there with them for a time, but either way I need to go see them.

    What is probably most bizarre is my sudden interest and love of DOOM mapping again in the last two days. The context in which this fact applies is that my grandfather was the one who got me started nearly 17 years ago. It was my grandfather that had found a map editor on an internet bulletin board and put it onto a floppy disk. When I was little I wanted to make my own Sonic levels because I loved the classic Sonic games as a kid and I spent a lot of time drawing these ridiculous sketchy levels across multiple pieces of printer paper before stapling them together. At some point my grandfather introduced me to Heretic and Duke Nukem 3D, then eventually DOOM and DOOM 2. It was a long step up from Commander Keen and Kingdom of Kroz on the old monochrome IBM he had given me.

    DOOM 2 mapping lead to Quake 3 Arena, attempting to help with what I could for the original DOOM 64 TC, then later DOOM 3 and an ever expanding interest to try my hand at everything from Starcraft to Portal 2, before beginning a brand new project in Unity and now being friends with several devs in the game industry. My grandfather supported me in any way he could, along with working his ass to the bone and giving his all for his loved ones and their needs. So it is bizarre that, after losing sight of mapping and not having truly touched DOOM mapping since 2006 that I suddenly felt this urge and fervor for mapping again in the last two days. Two days that I've spent doing nothing in my free time other than working on a new map in DOOM 64 EX, jotting down ideas for a map series, that I'm now going to dedicate to his memory.

    RIP Richard Bozworth, I'll cherish my memories with you, always.

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    2. Kelzam


      Thanks, everyone. I'm determined to finish a project for public release, as it's something I've never done despite years of mapping. I think he'd love what I'm doing :)

    3. Lizardcommando


      Sorry for your loss :(

    4. Tracer


      Tonight, I will raise my glass to you and your grandfather. I am so sorry to hear about this, man. If you want to chat about it, PM me.

  3. Doubly thanks, that did the trick! I'll use this thread to ask any other random questions about DB64, which I'm sure I might have. I'll post some progress shots later when I have more to show, everyone. Thanks, again!
  4. Hey everyone, I've been away for a long time and some friends talked me into picking back up the hobby, and I have a few questions. 1st.) What are the best editor options out there, these days? I started out using DeepSea and was using Doom Builder before I quit and it seemed like one (if not the) best builders at the time. Are there any other "must have" resources out now? 2nd.) What source ports are out there now? I enjoyed using DOOM 64 resources when editing and was using a resource WAD, editing in DOOM 2 using jDOOM at the time because of the advanced light object placement and a lot of stuff. I know ZDoom was always a big thing here on Doomworld, so suggestions on which source port to work with? Thanks for any suggestions/advice, in advance. I'd be surprised if many are still here from 10 years ago when I left besides some of the mods, but it's good to be back. The last project I was working on was so many years ago I don't even know where I'd start.
  5. Kelzam

    Post a picture of yourself!

    Just turned 30 this last February. I've been around actively or lurking since I was in high school. Still get carded everywhere, though.
  6. Grabbed D64 EX and the D64 Builder. No joke about the lighting being a bit of a pain, but it's pretty damn awesome. Getting back into the flow of things pretty quick. I think I'll be doing all the lighting after the map is done, heh. Does anyone know how to get the door textures to work properly? What would be 128x128 textures normally are 64x64 quadrants (4 pieces) of a door. In some cases like the door across the hall, the inverse side is missing. I don't think there's a way to flip a texture on it's X axis, is there? If so I haven't found it.
  7. I've been away from the community and editing since about 2006-2007 so it's been close to 10 years, haha. Newdoom.com was still a thing back then :P Or well, in it's death throes, anyway. Edit: Actually looking at my Blog I've made like one post a year since then :P But haven't actively been editing or keeping up for years.
  8. Kelzam

    Unpopular Opinions

    If you're gay, you should treat it as part of who you are, rather than the sum of who you are. From my personal experience, it saves you a lot of grief.
  9. Living in Houston now instead of Missouri. It's a nice change, even if the politicians are full of shit. But hey, that's America in general.

    Still playing Magic: the Gathering. Been playing a lot with the boyfriend and getting set up for a big competitive event.

    Speaking of Magic, Duels of the Planeswalkers 2014 is released, now. It's pretty fun, and I'll probably order it tonight. The Steam, Android and iPad version comes with a promo code for a card I really need. So hey, actually, if anyone else gets it for those devices and doesn't need the actual cards, shoot me a PM with the promo code.

    Working on my Doomsday project, "The Exiled", that I started years ago.

    1. Obsidian


      For some reason darknation's Warhammer Quest thread came to mind when I saw this. :-)

  10. Kelzam

    So, how old are you ?

    27 come Monday. I think I originally registered here when I was 16 or 17 or so.
  11. I'll preface this with a short back story: Because of things with my old roommate exploding due to his irresponsibility and negligence of important things, I had to find a place to stay ASAP. I found an ad on Craigslist for a live in job at a hotel describing an offer wherein for work at the hotel room, you would be compensated with a place to stay. I've been living here about three and a half weeks, now.

    So, since I started this job I've seen various things that were questionable, but until yesterday it did not yet occur to me that there may be a lot of illegal activity going on at this hotel on the owner's part. The hotel is owned and run by a family from India (Patels, of course), and between them they have several corporations that make up their hotel chain within the region.

    A couple weeks ago, the owner and head of their "household" (I guess that's what you call it), asked me to take a legal document titled "SPECIAL WARRANTY DEED" and directly type a copy of the papers into a new OpenOffice document. After this, he proceeded to help me change all instances of names, companies and dates to suit his current aims. The papers were originally from the state of Missouri when he was purchasing a hotel back in 2007, and had me replace them with a more current date and the name of his corporation and that of the one he has set up for his son. So, while these look like official documents, they're essentially hack jobs he had me do on a computer at the front desk.

    Now, yesterday, he had me forge another part of this 28 page document, doing the same thing. While talking with my friend/the maintenance guy whose patience is running as short with the Manager's as mine is, I made the comment that I had to get back to working on fixing more documents that the Manager was too "busy" to fix himself, and said friend laughed and made the comment "you mean too busy to do the legal way", which made me start thinking about all of this.

    The papers aren't the only things that are bothersome in this hotel and the business practices here. On an every-other-day basis he has been instructing me to use fake e-mails to book hotel stays at his various locations using his AMEX credit card by fake people whom he has previous made various GMail or Hotmail accounts for, followed by forging reviews for the hotel. These reviews are all over his hotels on Expedia, Booking, Travelocity, Google+ and others. What's even further disturbing, is that his instructions are specifically to copy/paste reviews from other hotels in random cities and tweak them to match descriptions of the hotel here. So not only is he falsely talking up his hotel, he's also forging reviews from other hotels.

    Probably the most disturbing thing so far, is that when we went to a different hotel about an hour and a half away to set up security cameras, an employee revealed something to me that she had been told to keep to herself: The fire alarm kept beeping/going off every few nights, so the Manager told her to silence the fire alarm (as he was too cheap to have it looked at). Because the fire alarm was silenced, the elevator no longer worked, but obviously that's the least of the issue here. She couldn't stand up to him, because like almost all of his employees, we we're compensated for our work with a roof over our heads and if we make him angry, then he kicks us out.

    When he interviews people, he either hires them on the spot or tells them to go home. Other than the generic application, no other papers are signed and that's that. It seemed a bit odd to me, but I was too worried about having a roof over my head to really think about it. But truthfully, now that I'm thinking about how illegal a lot of things he does are... that may be the least of my problems, since he's instructing me to be an accomplice in all these unethical business practices. He doesn't even run heating in public areas of the hotel and has 5 space heaters in the front desk/office area to make the thermometer read above 68 degrees (which I guess is the number the hotel temperature has to stay above).

    So now I wonder what I should do. If someone gets pissed, can they sue him? Hell can I sue him? I'm not one of those sue happy people, but the question had come into my head. Should I report him to some sort of agency? I have all this to consider on top of the fact that this is the only place I have to stay, and since I don't actually get paid, I'm pretty much stuck here until I can convince a friend to let me move in with them so I can get a job (Omaha is not a friendly city to people that do not have a car; I work 9-5 and the latest bus runs at 6, and walking somewhere from my location for work isn't very viable - I do feel really stuck here).

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    2. Shaikoten


      Maes said:

      As long as the cash keeps flowin', keep your mouth shut, bro.

      The cash isn't flowin'. He has a live-in job found on Craigslist. He's basically being compelled to work here lest he become homeless.

      Seems to me the best thing to do is to find another, REAL job, as soon as you can, before you think about reporting the dude. Mind you, you should probably report him, or do something along those lines. You don't want to become an accomplice. I doubt if you did any sort of whistleblowing you'd be prosecuted yourself, but I also wouldn't rely on the generosity of a government agency to keep you housed. Any action you take should follow from distancing yourself from this business.

    3. Maes


      Shaikoten said:

      The cash isn't flowin'. He has a live-in job found on Craigslist. He's basically being compelled to work here lest he become homeless

      Still, that's better than what many others have (or have not) got.

    4. Shaikoten


      Maes said:

      Still, that's better than what many others have (or have not) got.

      OK. So is this a reason he should not seek something better out? On the issue of whether to rat the guy out, I personally wouldn't unless he's treating you poorly, in which case, yes, throw him under the bus.

      I highly doubt you making money from this whole situation though. Lawyers cost quite a bit up front, and I doubt the guy will pay up if he gets in trouble. Just get a real job and place to stay and reap the benefits of being above the table.

  12. Kelzam

    Netgear Routers

    With my Netgear router, when you block a website and someone tries to pull it up, the router puts up a black page with giant red text stating that said website has been blocked. What I'd like to know, is if there is any way to make it so that the page comes up as a 404 or 504 error or something on the order of that, so it isn't blaringly obvious that the website is blocked and just looks like it's down on the website's end. Anyone have any ideas? If it helps, the Router firmware version is V1.1.2.2.
  13. Kelzam

    Netgear Routers

    Because he doesn't know about that web page, and isn't all that technologically savvy. I agree. Out of context it probably sounds like a dick move, and even with the context it still may. The fact is, it involves an addiction and a collective attempt at intervention. Could you explain/elaborate on that?
  14. http://www.engadget.com/2010/11/20/doom-themed-live-wallpaper-for-android-turns-your-phone-into-a-p/ Thought it was kinda neat.
  15. And hilarity at his frustration ensued (not to mention he was using the wrong version of Doomsday for it).

    I decided to upload a proper video of the map in response.

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    2. steuntron


      Xenphire said:

      I can tell you that pretty much anything out there isn't packaged with a complete version of the map or the version of Doomsday I have that it works with. So, keep that in mind. The project is not finished. I also like how you come into my thread about my project and throw links out to badly packaged demos. Kind of a slap in the face :P

      Sorry I did not intend to offend you in any way. I saw this video and I had to play it. I found your old threads which didn't have working download links; and then I found something. I thought it might be useful to some. But I removed the link.

    3. Kelzam


      steuntron said:

      Sorry I did not intend to offend you in any way. I saw this video and I had to play it. I found your old threads which didn't have working download links; and then I found something. I thought it might be useful to some. But I removed the link.

      Appreciate removing the link and your enthusiasm with playing it. I'm actually starting to work on the project again - it's a few years old and about time I started to head towards finishing it again.

    4. darkreaver


      Some really great atmosphere going on there!

      This actually made me interested in looking into mapping for that port

  16. I have no idea why I don't draw this shit on paper instead of the whiteboard that I share with my roommate. Oh well.


    Random photo I took on a walk one day

    SNES collection is growing

    Being 25 and looking 18-19 is both a gift and a curse

    Banner I made for a different forum

    Photoshop project from scratch

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    2. Creaphis


      I think there's a touch of arrogance in the artist's belief that their work should be preserved forever. Intentionally destroying your art makes you even more of a tool. I think that drawing on a whiteboard and erasing it when you need the space is just right.

    3. deathbringer


      If only that was how Twilight had been written...

    4. Kelzam


      Decided to take a random photo in my halloween costume and do a quick sloppy photoshop job.

  17. Kelzam

    Musicians Thread

    I post some of my stuff in Blogs here but a lot of stuff I work on or collaborate on with my roommate I haven't uploaded. I started a YouTube channel to post demos and stuff as I get around to them. http://www.youtube.com/clchaotix Mostly dabbling in atmospheric/ambient/electronic.
  18. Wake up this morning and go into the living room, and see my desktop never finished shutting down after I went to bed (was exhausted, hit shut down, went to bed assuming it'd shut down). So I power it off, and go to turn it back on. Case lights come on, fans are starting up, then it goes right back off not even as soon as I release the power button.

    I give it a bit, try starting it up a few more times, and finally get it to start loading aaaand it freezes while loading Win7. Restart it again, this time it starts up asking me if I want to do a start up recovery so I hit yes. It goes through it's thing, restarts and freezes as soon as it enters windows. Great.

    Restarted it again, now it freezes on the MOBO logo screen (I guess you'd call that while it's loading BIOS), and some times not getting a video signal at all. Now, when it'll power up all the way (it still often times does the original not-powering-on-properly thing), I'm met with the sound of fans running at max and no video signal.

    I have no idea wtf is wrong with it now. During all this I tried resetting the BIOS. I got out my Win7 disc because it's priority was set to boot from CD, but now I can't get a video signal or anything anyway. Normally after it starts and gets going when it's working, the fans quiet down, but now all the fans are just blasting at full speed with no video signal until I turn it off again. Also no power is going to my USB mouse that has some LED lights in it, because normally after it gets going the mouse lights come on.

    FYI I'm running Win7 64-bit, a Radeon HD5770 video card, ASUS P5N-T MoBo, and a 750w ATX Power Supply, and an Intel QuadCore CPU (the model escapes me atm.

    edit: Well a friend suggested I try to reseat the processor and video card. Now it's getting a video signal, but automatically shutting down once it enters BIOS.

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    2. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      It could also be a failing power supply. I had similar problems a few years back and that is what it ended up being. Do you happen to have a spare one to try? Or maybe one you can borrow from another computer just long enough to see if you can boot?

    3. Bucket


      Unplug EVERYTHING.
      Turn it on and see if it throws the appropriate error (usually CPU).
      If the mobo fails even here, the problem is the PSU or motherboard.
      Connect things one at a time to see where it starts to freeze.
      Refer to your mobo's manual and Google to find where to go from here.

    4. Maes


      Inspect the mobo for bulging/exploded capacitors, and, if you are feeling brave, the PSU itself. These tended to be a real plague in the mid 00s, now much less so.

  19. Kelzam


    Moreso he continues to prove that as long as politicians' decision making is based on party mentality rather than cause, no matter how idealistic you are and what you promise you won't be able to get anything done.
  20. Track for a Doomsday project I've been working on casually for a while. Probably one of the darker tracks I've done in ages. Much of what I've done since I first started kinda sounds like it might fit into a game score/soundtrack, but you couldn't really say it fit a genre. For this I decided to try to go with Sci-Fi Horror soundscape. Dying machinery in a derelict space station orbiting a distant star. Or something. Of course after I uploaded it I decided to make it a lot longer and tweak a lot of it heh.

  21. [QUOTE]Captain Red said: You dislike games becasue they are not exactly like the games you played when you where 12.
  22. There's several games I currently like that don't play like Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog - Portal 2, Dead Space 2, Starcraft 2, among some others. They all actually expanded on themselves and managed to do new things instead of existing to be cash cows. The developers actually tried to innovate and top what people liked in their originals, instead of going with some half-baked idea meant to get another Money Maker out ASAP. I dislike games like CoD that supply ample cutscenes and hyper-realism in place of a decent story, characters and a setting that I haven't been to a hundred times before. Part of video games and the entertainment industry in general used to let you use your imagination - there's no room for imagination or creativity in most of the shit the masses are eating up now. Game developers might be businesses in the end, but at least they used to have passion and vision. Now for many it's about survival and selling product as soon as possible (and the world is so miserable that it's taken the bate and will buy anything). I'm not someone who automatically hates a game or sequel because it doesn't play off of the experience of it's older 90's counterparts or hit the spot for nostalgia - not by a long shot. Hell, for example I loved Doom 3 where many didn't, and I've rarely if ever complained about it. I gave it credit where others didn't in that id tried to modernize DOOM but they did so in their own style and spent years developing it to get it to line up with their vision of the game instead of pushing it out half-assed.
  23. The masses are ignorant and history has proven that. I respect John Carmack a lot, but did he really just defend boring carbon-copy clone games like CoD by saying "if the masses like it we must be right"? Really?.
  24. Kelzam

    Did The Rock's eyebrow just move?!

    Wonder what "actors" we'll get to add in the banner rotation after Universal reboots the DOOM movie.