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  1. Goofing about with the Pointman class.  FEAR inspired, I thought the map would fit well.



    1. Nems


      As a huge fan of the first F.E.A.R. game and its expansions, this pleases me greatly. <3

    2. silentzorah


      Awesome.  Thinking about also giving him the M82 Assault Rifle, M327 MGL, and the Arc Rifle.  They seem to parallel the Advanced Rifle, Grenade Launcher, and Laser from the expansions.

    3. Nems


      If you do, considering giving him the Minigun as well from the expansions (forgot what it's called in both Doomzone and F.E.A.R.). There wasn't many places to use it in the expansion packs but it was pretty baller to use when given the chance. :P