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  1. I'm sure I'm the only one that thinks this on the face of the planet, but... For whatever reason, I just like the original Half-Life better than HL2.

    1. ShoDemo


      Well, I wouldn't put a game over the other. Half Life 1 has some of the most iconic scenes in gaming and overall cool moments (the train leading to Black Mesa, the one where you insert the crystal at the reactor, the mountainous landscapes outside of the facility and Xen), while Half Life 2 had some extremely intense moments (the chase by the Combine at the start, the vehicle sections, the abandoned town with Zombies and headcrabs, the charged Gravity gun sequence and the tower with the explosion in the end).

      So I like both games for different reasons.

    2. StoneMason


      I always felt Half-life 2 and Episode 1 were fairly meh. I did enjoy Episode 2, though.