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Everything posted by silentzorah

  1. That's amazing. He looks like a parent whose child just gave them a paper mache sculpture of a coil of shit.
  2. I remember Imps creeping me the fuck out. Actually, every new demon I encountered did that. But I was like 9, so, whatever.
  3. silentzorah

    Is it Doomguy, Doom Marine or Doom Slayer?

    It's one of those "all trucks are automobiles, but not all automobiles are trucks" kinda things for me. All Doom Slayers are Doomguys, but not all Doomguys are Doom Slayers.
  4. silentzorah

    Eternal release date...i bet u...

    I'm okay with this. Would rather wait just to be sure it's a good release anyway.
  5. silentzorah

    Is Requiem That Good?

    I always felt that Requiem is okay. Okay level design, music, theming. But to me, it's only been just that - okay. It's not bad, but I never saw it as spectacular, either. I was particularly new to playing pwads at the time it came out, so it's one of those things that slipped under the radar for me (though I did play the crap out of Alien Vendetta). That comically small chaingun on the titlepic always gives me a chuckle whenever I do end up booting it up, though.
  6. silentzorah

    SIGIL v1.21 - New Romero megawad [released!]

    Not a speedrunner, but also not a huge fan of the changes to the ending of M4, honestly. Thought the map was broken when the exit didn't open up like it used to. With how the route goes now, I feel like the current path through the lava just kinda artificially extends the level, and not in a good way. Just my two cents.
  7. silentzorah

    Favorite Fighting Game?

    Soul Calibur 2. IMO, best in the series.
  8. Adblocker gets blocked? See ya. I get what I need somewhere else. Their ad revenue isn't worth potentially tainted ads infecting my PC with malware. Always use a digital condom when you browse.
  9. silentzorah

    whats your favorite doom 1 or 2 enemy?

    Sergeant. Yeah, some think he's annoying, but he keeps my SSG well-fed.
  10. silentzorah

    Plasma rifle, or plasma gun?

    Sparkle Cannon.
  11. Pistol - Slight fire rate increase, remove initial delay. Chaingun - Slight damage increase. Trooper - Chance to refire, maybe increase accuracy slightly. Rocket Launcher - Remove initial fire delay. Shotgun - Increase pellets per shot to 10, but mostly because having a pellet discrepancy between the SG and SSG drives me nuts. Imp - Increase chance to fire. Blursphere - Enemies "forget" where player is when player isn't firing for a period of time. Lost Soul - Increase aggression, but decrease max HP.
  12. silentzorah

    Least favourite weapon and why?

    For me, the Chaingun feels like a step down from the Shotgun. Sure, staggering enemies with it is fun, but it just lacks punch, IMO. I only feel the need to use the Chaingun if I lack shells. Otherwise, the Chaingun fills only a niche role for sniping, for me.
  13. silentzorah

    Least favourite weapon and why?

    Chaingun. I feel like it does too little damage for being basically a man-portable minigun.
  14. silentzorah

    Whats your favorite Doom game and why?

    I used to be in the Doom II camp, but as of late, I've been growing more fond of the original. The level design, music, and episode structure is better, IMO, as well as the balancing. Sure, the added monsters in Doom II are nice, as is the SSG, but honestly, there's just a certain charm to the original that the sequel lacks. Long live Ultimate Doom.
  15. silentzorah

    The BFG's "arm"

    Rage 2 also shows it as being a shoulder brace, being fastened on first pickup of the weapon, but nothing canon within the Doom universe suggests this. Given that the Rage 2 variant is based on the classic version of the BFG, I think that's the best we're gonna get on this one.
  16. silentzorah

    Classic Doom level inconsistencies

    And somehow magically fire three additional pellets, each barrel, when fired from the Super Shotgun.
  17. silentzorah

    How do you feel about Doom's Randomness?

    I'm fine with the RNG. Since it doesn't support thing like headshots or limb shots, I like to imagine the high rolls I'm hitting something vital, and on low rolls, I'm hitting something minor. When I was a kid, though, I used to run headfirst into Revenant missiles, thinking it'd get me a lower damage roll, not realizing it was actually RNG. I mean, it seemed like if I tried dodging, it caused more damage, so... But I mean, whatever, I was a dumb kid.
  18. silentzorah

    Classic Doom level inconsistencies

    I've never really saw either as a "glow" of any kind. Just stain. Blood does tend to make one hell of a mess, after all. Nukage? Not sure, but always saw that as stain.
  19. silentzorah

    Classic Doom level inconsistencies

    Ultimate Doom. E3M3 comes to mind.
  20. silentzorah

    Castlevania Fans?

    Grew up on Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse. Castlevania 64 got me through adolescence. ...Matter of fact, I've remade the Villa level in Doom. Twice.
  21. silentzorah

    So how would you pick up a Soul Sphere IRL?

    Poke it with a straw and sip.
  22. silentzorah

    Monster you find the hardest/easiest to use effectively?

    Enjay did just that in Enjay Zdoom 2001. Replaced them with a bald trooper wielding a machine gun. Worked fairly well, like an intermediate step between sergeant and commando.
  23. silentzorah

    Monster you find the hardest/easiest to use effectively?

    Revenants are toughest for me, mainly. A lot of my maps are kinda cramped and tight, so most of the time, I've got no way to utilize them except just make bigger areas just for them.
  24. silentzorah

    What kind of wads you guys enjoy

    Techbases and Hell maps. Quake-themed maps, too, but good ones are kinda hard to come by, outside of Project Slipgate and Dimension of the Boomed.
  25. silentzorah

    Does anyone actually play the easier difficulties?

    Normally, I'll run UV for everything. In rare cases, I may bump it down to HMP if I'm not in the mood for a slaughterfest. Further if HMP is still too tough. I think I've only ever started a game in ITYTD once in recent memory. I forget which map set it was, but damn was that opening map a nightmare. 800 something monsters. I could tell this wasn't gonna end well, and... Welp, it didn't.