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  1. Edward

    doom reborn

    I'm making two maps for this! :biggrin: My objectives in making these two maps are to recapture the feeling of immersion that Doom could give you years ago, but which is sadly dampened now by the fact that the games appear primitive by today's standards. What with these maps not being my original work, I don't claim any credit for anything except the atmosphere. No screenshots from me, I would have to get out of bed to make them. :P
  2. Edward

    Upheaval one-map release

    Here is my fake Newstuff review: "My head hurts after playing this, and I quit after the first room."
  3. Edward

    Europe, my new map

    o_O I get lost in E1M7...
  4. Edward

    Favorite programming language(s)

    My favorite language is Python, because it is simple and simply awesome. Also I like 68k assembly, the processor has a neat instruction set.
  5. Edward

    Games locations in real life

    Well, I learned a bit of European geography from playing Terranigma a few years back.
  6. Edward

    Stupidity Awards in Canada

    According to Episode 1, it was a virgin birth.
  7. Edward

    Peter Griffin is REAL? Read here for more

    I'd need to hear the guy's voice.
  8. Edward

    someone has some splaining to do

    Time to bow before Nick Baker!
  9. Edward

    someone has some splaining to do

  10. Edward

    EE v3.33.01 Progress Report, Part Deux

    HUD scripting? Nice.
  11. Edward

    Eternity Engine v3.33.00 Released

    It's beautiful.
  12. Edward

    Official Chex Quest III Development Thread

    Let me play CQ 1 and 2, check my calendar, and get back to you. Please note my interest.