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  1. I was able to get an mp3 of this whole thing from elsewhere. It was great. Jon Stewart knows exactly what he's talking about, and those poor clowns on Crossfire simply aren't able to defend themselves from it.
  2. You've totally run out of ammo? Including the power-ups scattered around the Guardian's lair? Reload from a save game, and conserve ammo a little better in the other parts of Hell. Look for the ammo cache on the cliff edge after you fight the Hell Knight, and check the narrow ledge behind it for a treat.
  3. I think Betreuger was that demon. If he was being punished, I'd think they'd do something more severe than swallowing him whole like Mr. Fantastic. We'll find out when the expansion comes out.
  4. I punched the hanging guy in the head. He did nothing but swing like a sack of sand.
  5. They're a little of both. Normal zombification won't produce anything as impressive as the commandos. Even though the commandos are dumber than the Z-Sec guards. The melee ones, you can just duck under the tentacle and blast them in the pants.
  6. I've only held a handful of weapons, and only fired two. Of the ones I've held, the TEC-9 was my favorite.
  7. Fuck the genres, fuck the scenes, and only listen to music that you like. Some of the tracks in my own collection can be written off as "emo" by scenesters, but I like 'em anyway.
  8. Exact Audio Copy is "postcardware" and comes highly recommended. I've been using Audiograbber myself. I think most versions of Nero have some kind of CD ripper built in.
  9. You read too much Pratchett.
  10. I'm new at this whole "domain registration" bullshit. Help me out. What site should I register the domain with? Not GoDaddy, they just burned a friend of mine.
  11. Great movie, scared the fuck outta me the first time I saw it. I've been dealing with spiders since I was a kid. They're not too bad. My dog likes to hunt the little ones. :)
  12. If it's credibility you're going for, citing a URL called "Rumor Mill News" isn't the way to go. Yes, there's a seige in Falluja. Yes, innocents and Allies are losing their lives. There's this thing called 'war', it sucks. Unless you're doing something to actually change the way the world works, you're just blowing your wad over the Internet.
  13. My comp occasionally freezes during bootup, and I get this odd little error when I start the Add/Remove Programs utility, but otherwise it does pretty well, with an average uptime of about three weeks.
  14. Slinging groceries when I was 16. I kept that job until the end of high school, and still came back during school breaks until a year ago. Is that odd?
  15. Big deal. I know a guy who was charged with "assault with hot pizza" back in 1967. The charges didn't stick.