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  1. A history of the Doom movie in the DoomWorld forums:

    DooM - The Movie ?, begun by Renegade_Style on 07-02-01

    On the Doom movie again, begun by Jeremy on 07-12-01

    READ!!!!, begun by Jeremy on 07-29-01

    DOOM movie, begun by bigbadgangsta on 08-08-01

    thoughts concerning a Doom movie..., begun by Prime on 11-14-01

    Doom Movie Question, begun by KingKill33 on 12-19-01

    isn't a doom movie?, begun by MyStiKaL_BiOn on 12-20-01

    Wasn't there a hollywood movie of Doom?, begun by Kai on 03-11-02

    doom movie.. what do you think?, begun by HAMMER-STROKE on 06-03-02

    Doom Movie, begun by RailGunner on 07-30-02

    Any word on a movie???, begun by Affirmative on 08-18-02

    Action figures, a new novel series and maby even a movie.. [kewl], begun by HAMMER-STROKE on 08-19-02

    Doom, the movie, begun by WhileIM on 09-25-02

    The Doom Movie, For Real This Time?, begun by Linguica on 09-25-02 *

    if worst comes to worse..., begun by Ct_red_pants on 09-28-02

    A very cool idea (in my opinion), begun by ricky_steel on 01-10-03

    A Doom Movie?? , begun by MagnuM on 04-16-03

    Doom movie, to be or not to be, begun by Gau666 on 05-22-03

    Doom ]|[ movie, begun by pl0mk3r on 07-03-03

    Doom 3 OST, begun by Nick on 08-04-03

    Concerning the SWAT scriptwriter, as broken on Blue's News:
    Latest Doom Movie Crap, begun by mewse on 08-08-03
    Doom Movie Planned, begun by Baron of Hell on 08-09-03
    Note that this news is four years old, and has already been discredited.

    1. IMJack


      I just realized I could keep this thing in my Blog and not clutter up the forum proper every time some n00b comes up with this OMG KEWL & ORIGIONAL IDEAR!!!