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  1. My parents found a puppy.

    I would kill to be able to see, feel, pet, love this dog right now. But I'll have to settle for helping my dad scan photos of her and then throw them up online. I would kill a human being with my own hands, for a chance to see a dog.

    Juniper. Shepherd mix of some kind. Found abandoned in some backwoods corner of Utah with her two littermates. I'm told she looks like a cross between my Misty and my Jenny.

    I didn't cry when I learned that Misty died. I didn't cry when Jenny died in my arms. So why do I feel like crying now?


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    2. Danarchy


      Heh...cute dog. Reminds me of my friend's puppy, Freya. She's half beagle/half german shepard. She's the shape of a beagle, but has the colors of a german shepard. Looks real cute.

    3. Bloodshedder


      Dear Lord, don't use PNG for photographs, use JPEG!

    4. Lüt