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  1. “When you’re dealing with people like this, your first priority is to not get killed. Usually their first impulse when dealing with things like this is to slaughter anyone who could be involved.”
    - - “A lot like us, in fact.”
    “Exactly. But these guys are big on secrecy, and are responsive to threats like going to court or going to the press. They wouldn’t dare kill any press.”
    - - “A lot not like us.”
    “Right. These people’s existence relies on nobody knowing who they are and how they work. These people are scumbags, but nobody can know it.”
    - - “Whereas we Morgans are scumbags, but everybody knows it!”
    “Bingo! You’re really gettin’ into this!”
    - “Why are you telling me all this?”
    “Well, Nabiki here has caught on to one little thread that you haven’t. The Blue Berets are no longer an immediate threat to you and your girls. Right now, the most immediate threat is staring you in the face, eating your pickles, and rummaging through your medicine drawer.”
    - “Wha-? Hey, get out of there!”
    - - - “Can’t help it, lady. I’m allergic to catgirl dander, and this place is killin’ me.”

    1. Grazza


      "You should send that in to the Reader's Digest. They've got a page for people like you."