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  1. Gherkin

    Tolwyn's DoomBuilder Wish List

    OMG this sounds demanding. Paypal love or not, i do not work for any of you people and i am not a wishing well. Besides, if I would implend all wishes, I would get a cluttered editor with features that only one guy uses only once ever. Nobody wants that. 1: Sure, if you provide me a library/code which can convert a PNG to BMP or such. The PNG format is so complicated, i dont have to to study that. 2: It does that already. (Just include the PWAD when loading your map) 3: You can set the "texturesfile" definition in a configuration (make your own config?) which will automatically set the additional PWAD when that configuration is chosen. To let DB automatically choose a configuration when you load a WAD file, you can modify the "gamedetect" structures in the configs. (make them empty for all configs and only the right contents for your config will ensure DB chooses your config by default) 4 and 5: Exactly what I meant above. This would just clutter up the editor. If there was a need for this, it would have been all over the Doom Builder topics recently. 6: Yes I can do that. 7: It does that already. (Press R when something is selected) 8: Yes I can do that. 9: There are keys for lowering/raising them by 8 and by 1, is that not enough? (TIP: this is much easier to do in 3D Mode anyway, just aim at a floor and press - and + or SHIFT - or SHIFT +) EDIT: Oh and I almost forgot: select a few sectors, right-click to edit them, then enter --10 to lower them by 10 or ++10 to raise them by 10, for example. 10: Exactly what I meant above. This would just clutter up the editor. If there was a need for this, it would have been all over the Doom Builder topics recently. (besides, this aint quake :P) 11: It does that already. (Press F2, change it.)
  2. Gherkin

    Someone come play Skulltag with me

    Nice, but they ping ~110ms to me :\ Thats playable with ST though, but I just dont like to lag a bit at all, heh.
  3. Gherkin

    Doom Rendering

    No, one does the job. Segs on a single-sided linedef always block the view, Segs on double-sided linedefs only block the view when one of the sides ceiling <= one of the sides floor. The rest you do not count as blocking the view. You can get the Doom Builder source code from my site. The builder.dll is c++ source and you can find the BSP and Clipping code in bsp.cpp. It uses a 360 degree clipping buffer (when looking forward your back is already marked as clipped before walking the bsp) and some fancy trick takes care of the 0/360 point and does drawing and testing with entire memory block writes. What are you making anyway?
  4. Gherkin

    WIP opens its gates

    Yea, deleting and modifying your own entries would be nice. Also what would be usefull is a Search by title or username. List of users would be cool too and when I click a user I would like to see all his maps (chronological order). Just some suggestions.
  5. Gherkin

    WIP opens its gates

    Yes true, I wouldnt want to look at a 320x200 screeny when the option for better exists.
  6. Doomers play that way too ;) If im not mistaken, its the first game that allows you to play that way.
  7. Gherkin

    Deathmatch and Unleashed - how to?

    heh omg wear protection!
  8. Gherkin

    WIP opens its gates

    Why dont you allow 320x240 and 320x200 screenshots? I know all you see is like 2 pixels ceiling, 3 pixels floor and 4 pixels textures, but 320x200 IS the original Doom screen resolution.
  9. You can already zoom in up to 1000% !! But I guess i can make that 10000 no problem.
  10. Gherkin

    Doom Builder building

    "Build nodes when map structure changed", should work fine, except for Things changes it will ignore them until you manually click the Build Nodes button. Ill be fixing this issue.
  11. Gherkin

    Doom Rendering

    Eh ok... And dont forget to project your segs onto the clipping buffer once you chose to show the subsector (after visibility testing). In Doom Builder I also made a test which checks if the clipping buffer is fully drawn on, in which case it terminates BSP walking immediately (you wont see anything else anyway).
  12. Gherkin

    WIP opens its gates

    Sweet stuff boris, keep up the good work :)
  13. That leaves enough room for explaining ;)
  14. Gherkin

    Doom Rendering

    Go down the BSP tree and with each split you test on which side of the split line you are. Then you continue processing that side of the tree (or the other side first if you want everything in back-tofront order) and then the other side. So you need a recursive routine. When you reach a subsector (leaf in the tree), you test if its segs are visible. Here a one dimensional clipping buffer is perfect since Doom's map is actually only 2D. Take the angles of the wall towards the viewer and project them on the clipping buffer to test if any column (read: pixels) are visible. If so, add the subsector to a list. If non of the segs are visible, skip the subsector. Now you have a front-to-back or back-to-front list of subsectors that you will see from your current position. I believe Doom not only keeps subsectors in this list, but also inserts other stuff like Things and maybe segs. Im not sure how Doom renders since I wrote the rendering for DirectX, so that works very different than software rendering, but from studying its graphics it looks like this; It takes the farthest subsector and renders each of its segs. With each seg it renders the floor and draws that in columns all the way to the bottom of the screen. Same for the ceiling, it draws from the seg all the way up to the screen. Sounds like a mess, but because it starts with the farthest, the ones closer will overdraw the 'mess' that segs in the back made. For hardware rendering (DirectX/OpenGL) its works very different. You have to make a polygon for the ceiling and floor of each subsector and 'quad' polygones for the upper, middle and lower textures of each seg (I do this per sidedef instead of per seg, because its much faster to draw a whole sidedef at once). Because you have a Z buffer, the order of drawing doesnt matter. I draw from front to back on purpose to reduce overdraw, but transparent middle texture must still be drawn at last from back to front to keep correct transparency. pfew, i think thats about all the basics. Im sure someone can add something to this.
  15. Gherkin

    Doom Builder building

    Skunkboy Kyle: lol MaxWindiff: Thanks, I think you spotted a bug here. (But if you DO build nodes when saving the map it should work fine.)