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  1. Micah

    Writing Contest Number one (oh yes)

    I'm so totally in.
  2. Micah

    wad in progress

    Well, I'm working on the second map now, and I should have a screenshot of that before too long. I finally decided to retexture after I ran out of interesting marble textures on the second map. The tech opens up many more opportunities to variate, so I stuck with it. Thanks for all the suggestions so far!
  3. Micah

    wad in progress

    I totally retextured the first map, because it was getting uglier by the minute. here's what it looks like now. I also started on the second map, but no screenies yet. ULTRA MEGA MEGA MAP SCREENIE
  4. Micah

    wad in progress

    I was going for a little bit of variation with the lights, but I suppose it does look a little out of place. I did change some lighting in the second screen. I added a gradual fading effect on the floor around the lights. Thanks for the comments.
  5. Micah

    wad in progress

    I got bored with my main project today and started making a small wad, which I will probably finish before I start working on the main project again. No name for it yet, but it'll probably be 5 maps or so. I don't have the dedication to replace all 32 doom 2 maps in a mini-project =/. So here are some screenies. You'll notice that I suck. Cut me some slack, I'm a newbie =)
  6. Micah

    Making Sprites with a Digi-Cam?

    I think it would be really neat to take a picture of the Samus Aran action figure and use it as a cyberdemon sprite =)
  7. Micah

    What got you into Doom editing?

    I am actually pretty new to the editing scene, I started playing back in 96, and editing summer 2004. I had nothing to do, so I played my friend in a few deathmatches after he refused to face me in an IRC-rapoff. He then showed me a few levels he had been working on, and introduced me to a few editing tools, which I learned to use pretty quickly. That's about it =/ EDIT: If you guys know lerner, that's who it was.
  8. About my previous post, I was in a bit of a mood because I was suffering from a horrible hangover. I'd like to make an official apology, so here you go. I'd like to think no harm was done, and I'll try to avoid posting when I'm not in a state of full consciousness in the future.

    ...So yeah.

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      Hahaha, that's funny - post hell now does the "Law & Order" noise thingy. I need to remember to visit it more often.

  9. I finally got my copy of Doom: Collector's Edition in the mail, only to find out the mouse doesn't work in Winxp. Is there any way to fix this?