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Everything posted by LavaDemon

  1. LavaDemon


    Photographer, but I go to school too.
  2. LavaDemon

    I have to know this "monsters" name on english

    mumintrollen =)
  3. LavaDemon

    Jackass: Number 2

    I like the part where Erheren gets f**** when he think the he's gonna blow up an airplane and the cab driver pulls a gun. hahahah
  4. LavaDemon

    favorite AC/DC album

    Maybe it some powerful music, but I don't like the singer or the lyrics, the only thing I do like about them is theirs guitarrist, angus or something. That little fella' is cool.
  5. LavaDemon

    favorite AC/DC album

    AC/DC is on of the illest band ever, NOT! It's not good fofr you you to listen to such BS.
  6. LavaDemon

    Best Movie 2005

    no one, cuz' I did not find any new star trek movie.
  7. LavaDemon

    Laptop clinic

    Maybe it's a problem with the power so i reccomendt that you go to a repair guy and get that fixed.
  8. LavaDemon

    I have made a 3d model (Imp from doom 1 & 2)

    Really nice! I like that sixpack. But you cold have put some more effort in his elbows from the backwiew. Exept that NICE!
  9. LavaDemon

    GBA Doom

    Has anyone tried GBA Doom? I am planning on buying it. Is it good? By the way Doom ROCKS
  10. LavaDemon

    Doom I + II (Xbox) graphical enhancements?

    What is DOOM 1 and 2 coming to xbox?