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  1. Doom_Dude

    [Remaster WIP] Newdoom Community Project

    Here is the matching view from the original screen. I think it looks better for sure. Thanks @Scuba Steve for pointing it out in the first place.
  2. Doom_Dude

    What Was Your Last Purchase?

    Picked up a few CD's.
  3. Doom_Dude

    [Remaster WIP] Newdoom Community Project

    Hey, I haven't seen him use that since Newdoom.
  4. Doom_Dude

    Common wad mistakes

    I'll add to that with... - Too many doors. Not every room that joins another needs a door.
  5. Doom_Dude

    [Remaster WIP] Newdoom Community Project

    Hey @Scuba Steve and @NiGHTMARE, how does this look? I already had this texture in the wad, so decided to use it.
  6. Doom_Dude

    What are you guys buying for Steam Autumn Sale 2022?

    I bought Blood: Fresh Supply.
  7. Doom_Dude

    Delete Account

    Get to the escape pods!
  8. I lost weight too. I cut the sugar out of the coffee and started walking more. Haven't had a soda in a month or so.
  9. Thanks. More stuff coming soon... or maybe in the new year. :D Hey thanks for the vid, that was fun to watch. Glad you made it through it. ;) Original Vilecore is kinda meh. Remaster is getting closer to being done.. Will probably be more viles in there. ;)
  10. Doom_Dude

    Share Your Sprites!

    That looks cool. Did you ever finish that?
  11. Doom_Dude

    Most recent movie you saw

    I watched Appleseed Alpha on Netflix. Not bad but could've been a lot better, especially in the story department so it's not the most interesting story for sure. The action is fun and the art direction / CGI is very well done. Just something to watch on a rainy day. Mindless eye-candy sometimes can be a good thing. ;) I would probably never watch it again.
  12. Doom_Dude

    What are you guys buying for Steam Autumn Sale 2022?

    I looked through the games and haven't bought anything yet for the recent sale.
  13. I'll have a necroburgher and postfries.