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  1. Doom_Dude

    [UDMF] WMC03: Biophilia

    Hey LadyMistD, thanks for your intel. I didn't realize how much Mark Klem I was channeling at the time. ;) Working on my map for this burned me out bad. As it is, there was a large area I ripped out that went from the arch-vile room, through a tunnel under the cyberdemon area, into a big lift structure that lead to the exit. I wish I had foresight... I'd have split the map in two and suggest the 2nd half be worked on by other team members for a final wilderness arena, or something. After I was done I didn't touch doom for about a month and just got back into it with the latest wadazine project. Thankfully I may have learned not to go wild with outside areas so much. Haha.
  2. Doom_Dude

    AI Generated Title Screens

    The Cacowards..... Haha, wonder who these two cacoward winners are. ;)
  3. Doom_Dude

    AI Generated Title Screens

    This is pretty damned cool. I tried a few things.... Doom Master Wadazine, Newdoom Community Project Remastered, The Darkening 2, Suspended in Dusk.... Doom Legacy, DoomCad, Crossing Acheron, Dante's Gate
  4. Doom_Dude

    Do You Watch Sports? What Sports Did You Last Watch?

    The ads that tick me off are the online gambling ones they put on during a pause in play. So annoying when I want to watch a hockey game on cable but it's blacked out.
  5. Doom_Dude

    Mappers, what was your biggest project?

    I guess my answer to the question is Vilecore II. Started in 2001 as a remaster of the original. Over the years it changed course, turned into a UDMF project with 42 maps... I'll be done when the Sun dies in a few billion years.
  6. Doom_Dude

    MMOs that you played?

    I played ESO a bit. I did like the look of some of the locations. I thought Balmora was pretty nicely done. I played it for awhile and got bored of it. Never went back. I had DDO suggested to me. It didn't jive with me all that well. Guild Wars and Guild Wars II resonated with me pretty well. Got over a 1000 hours in both games. Think I burned out on the first game as I played it thoroughly for many hours, including all the mission packs and whatnot and was done with it when a couple friends picked it up and I went through it all again with a couple new characters. Something like Morrowind, I don't think I can go back to playing it at all. Major burnout there. I completely enjoyed Guild Wars II as well. There's a bunch of stuff they added since before covid that I haven't touched. I got tired of it and when I did go back to do some of the living story stuff, one of the big boss fight in the story quests pissed me off because I killed the boss after a long battle and the game crashed and I had to redo the whole thing. I replayed that part and got through it but the wind was out of my sails, so to speak and I stopped playing again. I'll probably get back into it when they get close to releasing the 3rd expansion, Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons...
  7. Doom_Dude

    [UDMF] WMC04: Heresy (A Heretic project!)

    I was gonna take a break but I already took one, so to hell with it, lets make some Heretic! *sharpens implements of death*
  8. Doom_Dude

    [Remaster WIP] Newdoom Community Project

    Snazzy screenshots Marlboro. Lookin' forward to playing through it. :D I took a break from mapping, but I'm working on gettin back into it. At this point the NDCP will certainly not get released until next year, hopefully in the first quarter or so. We'll see. ;)
  9. Doom_Dude

    [Remaster WIP] Newdoom Community Project

    Oh hay, sorry for the late answer. I've been knee deep in the work and dead tired lately but things are getting back to normal and I also kinda took a break from the forums and even Doom after I finished my Wadazine 03 map, which now needs fixing. lol. Whenever we get it all put together, which may be later than Feb, we will definitely be taking extra time to playtest and do fixes. As for NDCP 2, it would be nice to be able to polish it up a bit... but I have no luck at all with locating Mr. Pumpkinsmasher.
  10. Doom_Dude

    Favorite band?

    Rush Iron Maiden Megadeth
  11. Doom_Dude

    Norm Macdonald Dead at 61

    Oh no, this sucks. He will be missed, for sure. :(
  12. Doom_Dude

    Who is this guy?

    Vin Diesel's cousin Gord. He never made it into the movies so that's why he looks annoyed all the time.
  13. Doom_Dude

    What Was Your Last Purchase?

    A couple days ago I bought a new pair of sneakers... Sketchers with memory foam, blah blah blah. Then I picked up some random CD's for a $1 each at a thrift store. Anberlin - Cities The Rolling Stones - Exile On Main Street Days Of The New - Days Of The New (Yellow) Elton John - Live In Australia Also went in a electronics store and bought a Samsung 27" LED Monitor. Got a dual 27" setup now. Today I picked up Iron Maiden's new Senjutsu album on CD.