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Status Replies posted by Doom_Dude

  1. Damn. What good post did I make that you started following me?

    1. Doom_Dude


      Somebody has to keep an eye on you. ;)

  2. There's a void where your posts used to be

    1. Doom_Dude


      What Doomkid said.

  3. Sorry I’ve been awol the last couple days, anyone who has tried to contact me. Southeast Australia is still burning away, even after our shitfuck Prime Minister was pressured into coming back home from Hawaii.


    Had no power for about 2 days and it’s still spotty as is internet connectivity. I hope things are going to calm down but it’s been like this since November really so who can say. I just wish to breathe air that isn’t 50% smoke again. It’s not like I can leave either as all 3 highways outta here are closed off. It blows asshole.68E0359E-060A-4D3B-A17A-A15695324AD2.png.1404d8950c9f7fc4d84d8258619a72c8.png

    1. Doom_Dude


      Stay safe DoomKid. I've had to deal with power outages that last for days and hurricanes but never fire and smoke, that's another level of scary.

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  4. hiya



    been about a month

  5. So i fall to "i'm bad wit words" hole again and i thinking what could be good and fitting name for my egypt/exotic themed megavad but i'm not really came up with something so far. I have few ideas but idk what to choose: Shadoof, Rise of anubis, ExAnubis   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ what do you think?

  6. So i fall to "i'm bad wit words" hole again and i thinking what could be good and fitting name for my egypt/exotic themed megavad but i'm not really came up with something so far. I have few ideas but idk what to choose: Shadoof, Rise of anubis, ExAnubis   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ what do you think?

    1. Doom_Dude


      Hard to come up with names sometimes, that's for sure. Rise of Anubis sounds pretty good.


      The Sands of Doom

      Realm of Set (He was the god of the desert, sand storms and evil).

      Demons of DeNile



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  7. Good day, fellow Doom lovers. Today we are going to make a simple meal out of cheap foodstuffs.

    Crispy Minced Pork

    Minced Pork - 1/2 pound
    Chicken Egg - 1 egg
    Bread Flour
    Bacon Lard - 3 spoonfuls
    Kikkoman Soy Sauce

    Now, to begin, we will be putting the Minced Pork in a bowl. Now we add one scrambled egg, and mix it all together. Then we take a handful of bread flour, and toss it in the bowl. We will again mix it all together.

    To cook this, we will use an ordinary frying pan. Add the bacon lard to the pan, and set it to medium heat. When the lard has melted, add your pork mixture to the pan. It doesn't have to resemble a hamburger patty if you don't want it to (you can eat the finished product with your hands).

    Fry for 10-15 minutes or so on medium heat, and when it starts to smell and look like it's "done", take out your soy sauce and sprinkle it all over the pork.

    Stir, briefly, then put it on a plate.

    And viola! ...you now have some meat that doesn't taste like jenkem.

    1. Doom_Dude


      Is this what you eat before going on your last Doom soirée.

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  8. And then I read this: http://www.foodreference.com/html/artredkidneybeanpoisoning.html

    I work in agriculture so I just picked them right off the plant not knowing. No symptoms yet but...

    Wish me luck.

    1. Doom_Dude


      What the hell. I never heard of this before. I guess I'm in the clear when I make chilli and throw a can of red kidney beans in there and then heat the frack out of it all.

      Hope you're ok over there RUSH, it won't be good if you end up riding the Red Barchetta.

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  9. Just post what you're listening to:
    Biosphere - Bose-Einstein condensation

  10. Just post what you're listening to:
    Biosphere - Bose-Einstein condensation

  11. I'm a long time gamer, and I remember--as a kid--going over to my buddies place and he had Doom on his computer. We played it together. I got it on my machine as well.

    I was pretty good with the keyboard that I could tap keys to get partial movement--so, whenever my friend approached the zig-zig pathway in the pool of slime on E1M1, I would jump in and say "here, let me do it, I'm good at this!", and got through the path without overstepping into the slime.

    Quite an experience.

    Anyways, when I learned about creating levels, I was excited. I always liked games where I could create the levels. I remember games like--well, I don't remember the name, but it was for C64 and it had a christmas theme, and I believe a jetpack. Well, that game had an editor for making levels that I played with. Also the Excite Bike game for NES, had level editor. Also there was a racing game, RC-PRO AM? for Snes, where you could create tracks, ramps, etc.

    Anyways, I made a couple of test levels, and I used to store all my stuff in a folder called Z.

    One day I installed a game called "Zed", and it forced installed to c:\Z\, and I couldn't get the game to work, so without thinking twice about it, I deleted the whole Z folder, which deleted all my stuff.

    Anyways, I've had the sudden inspiration of getting back into Doom because I've had my fill of Q3 now, and it only seems logical to go backwards to the games I already put time into and am familiar with.

    So, Doom, here I come.

    I used to use DCK for DOS.

    But now, I found Doom Builder, and it's quite nice. I already have my started room built with some enemies, ammo, light detailing, wall detailing, etc.

    1. Doom_Dude



      Doombuilder is such a great editor, I'm sure you'll have a good time with it. ;) I'm so glad to no longer be using DoomCad...

      Lol Hellbent, nice avatar.

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  12. Seriously, why do these fuckers never manage to get the god-damn order right?! Today at Wendy's, I ordered the usual; fries, soda, and a hamburger. Well guess what, they completely forgot the fucking hamburger, and they gave me the wrong drink!

    I mean, is it so damn hard just to get it right? Every fast food place I've ever been to gets the order wrong about 35% of the time, and that's way too much.

    1. Doom_Dude


      I don't get much fast food, so haven't had many orders that were screwed up, but a number of times when my bro went to get KFC for family get togethers, they left out the xtra fries. Bah.

      Sometimes it's seems if you order something xtra or ask to hold the mustard (or change some little thing) it'll get forgotten or fukked up.

      Only mishap I had with a drive through, was at a McDonald's where they didn't put the lid on my pop very well and I got it all over the car seat. heh.

      The local corner store down the road seems to be pretty consistent with getting orders right.

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  13. my gf4ti 4200 has to go for RMA because it's fucked up. doom3 comes out in 4 days. i'm SO FUCKING ANGRY. ARRRRRRGHH.

    this will be the second time i've had to RMA it in about a year.

    i should write a letter.

    1. Doom_Dude


      Im no fan of ASUS after a Motherboard I bought up and died after 3 months of use.... heh.

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  14. Don't Just take my word for how great Action DooM is, just listen to the testimony of others...

    1. Doom_Dude


      Twiztid said:

      I wonder what hot sex in the dark with Action DooM under strobe light with fluorescent paint on your penis and a black light would look like...

      That would probably burn the words ACTION DOOM on your retinas. :p

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  15. My penis is five inches long.


    1. Doom_Dude


      nxn said:

      You still have an asshole right? Come over tuesday.


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  16. We've been taking care of this cat for over 2 years when my grandparent's passed away. She was about 20 to 21 years old, deaf and had bad bones. Well, last night, somehow, the cat got out and as my dad pulled in the driveway after getting home from visiting my mother in the hospital (she had a partial hysterectomy), he accidently ran over its leg. So, we drove 1 and a half hours to the 24 hour animal clinic. The doctor said that since it had a thyroid illness (and a heartrate of 320, which is the highest he's ever seen in a cat he said), the leg probably would not heal, making it so the cat would live in pain. So, after my dad called my mom at the hospital to see what she wanted to do, either take the chance that the cat COULD heal or not, or put it to sleep. Needless to say, we made the hard choice of having her put to sleep.

    R.I.P. Elizibeth, you old freakin' kitty :(

  17. Im never interested in blogs, because its just another waste of time in my opinion. And its not a good way to 'spread the word' either because only half of the poeple read it. Ciao.

    1. Doom_Dude


      There goes my request for a blog feature in doom builder. :P

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