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File Reviews posted by Doom_Dude

  1. Here we have a large fortress type of place with snazzy architecture that's a nice mix of outside and interior areas populated with lots of enemies. While you're in those outside places you really have to be aware of any possible flak that's incoming and a few times arachnotron fire hit me from the side or back from a distance while I was dodging attacks from other angles. It's possible to also get some fun infighting going in some places and overall this is a fun map to play as it mixes areas that are easy to fight through with challenging places that will keep you on your toes. A couple times I got slightly lost but it didn't take much roaming to figure out where to go next. In the end I only found 2 out of 7 secrets. iori delivered with a large map that has good atmosphere and fun fights.

  2. This is a solid, fun set of five levels. Playing on UV I found the ammo was tight in spots and abundant in other places. These hell themed maps look great once you get off the base at the start of the set. Exl makes good use of the stock Doom textures along with a few custom textures. The additional ambient sounds adds a lot to the atmosphere (try wearing headphone with this one).. Eventually you end up in a battle with enough enemies to shingle hell and.... it was tough, but I survived to talk about it. In my opinion this wad is worth playing just to experience the first couple maps and the rest is good too.... there's some really cool looking areas to explore and Exl isn't cheap with the secret areas, many of which I didn't even find (I missed 10). So yeah, this one is fun, looks good, so go play the damned thing and enjoy yourself.