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  1. Doom_Dude

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen. I started a new game and have made it passed whatever stuff I was doing the first time. I have yet to do the final battle and I started exploring parts of the Bitterblack island. Pretty fun RPG with a nice combat system and a limited open world map. The map is... decent but it should have been more open with more ways to travel between the larger areas. You end up going through the same narrow paths to get to the slightly larger area which becomes tedious at times. At least there's a fast travel system where you can plop down destination crystals and beam to them whenever you want and you can move them about but you only have several to place. Some of the enemies are hard as hell until you level up, which is nice and you're able to run away from battles that aren't going well. lol The inventory is kinda ok, bordering on meh, which is a grid system but for some reason things like potions are not alphabetical so it's hard to find and there's a lot of different potions and samey looking icons. For some reason the equipment menu is in the ummm menu but not in the inventory tho you can equip armor / weps in the inventory you just don't see the stats and you have to see it to get what I'm on about...so yeah, that's odd. There is a huge storage space you can dump all the extra stuff in and you can craft stuff but I found that not very interesting. I haven't finished the end boss yet but there's supposed to be content after the final battle and new monsters n stuff. I wish the game had more dungeons that aren't quest related places... the game could use those for sure.
  2. Doom_Dude

    Doomworld International thread

    I'm from Canada and live in the province of Nova Scotia (Latin for New Scotland). This is a land of trees and many lakes (5400), surrounded by the sea. NS is bigger than Prince Edward Island and smaller than the other provinces. There are a lot of squirrels, raccoons, deer and other varmint around here. The people are friendly, the food is good and I like living here. I could say more but that's it for now....
  3. Maybe he has a glove fetish collection and has all kinds of different pairs in his UAC cargo pants.
  4. Doom_Dude

    Doomworld Members' Sketchbook

    A few things from the olde archive.... A Bat Demon coming out of a crypt. Some sci-fi landscape thing. An alien ship with a weird nebula. The sword against the stone. Crashed spaceship. Space Prong. Just a perm ink marker drawing. Inspired from somewhere inside a Heavy Metal magazine. Conan. From a panel inside a Savage Sword of Conan comic. Storm trooper drawing from an action figure...
  5. Doom_Dude

    Tell Me Something About Yourself!

    I like beef gravy on toast. I don't like lobster or chocolate. I don't believe in ghosts. I listen to all genres of music, especially the metal and the hard rocks. I like the bagpipes. Crank the pipes I say. I want to get back into oil / acrylic painting after not touching that stuff in years. I've not figured out water colors yet despite having tried. I like to make pizza and bread and cooking in general is fun. I think it would be cool to design and build a rat rod. When I was a kid / teen I would scratch build or fix bicycles. I haven't owned a bike in years. I used to get parts from my dad's collection in a shed he had and from friends and also an illegal garbage dump as people would throw away bike parts and frames n stuff. Many years ago The dump got cleaned up and turned into a cemetery (I always try to put an 'a' in cemetery) and I'm not seeing the improvement. hah! I like the brown, grimy, castles and bases in Quake. I used to mod for Half-Life but I never finished anything on there. I find astronomy and archeology interesting. I like mythology, especially Greek Mythology. The only country I've visited outside of Canada is the United States. Life is too short.
  6. I remember watching the Moon Landing in 1969 on a black and white TV with my family when I was like 2 years old.
  7. You'll have to do better than that to get me annoyed. ;) I'm one of the old ones yeah, and have been around since 2000. I was only slightly active here for years, then Newdoom went away, so I migrated over here and started posting more crap and stuff. I'm probably more old and lazy than experienced. :D What about Covaro, he was doing the news right after Linguica started posting. And Bloodshedder has been around since 99. And the mysterious Mordeth, who pops up when you least expect it. ;)
  8. Doom_Dude

    What is your honest opinion on the Doom comic?

    It's a bit of dumb, cheesy fun.
  9. Doom_Dude

    Weirdest thing on YouTube.

    Speaking of weird on youtuber.
  10. Doom_Dude

    What Is Your Opinion On TLOU2?

    Wasn't even clued in that there was a 2nd game released.
  11. Doom_Dude

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Ain't easy being Kermit The Frog's older brother.
  12. Doom_Dude

    How old are you ?

    Hey now, getting younger while the rest of us age... what is this wizardry! ;)
  13. Doom_Dude

    Send me your wads and i wont play them

    Up next thread title: Show me your wad and I'll show you mine. *wink, wink, nudge, nudge.*
  14. Doom_Dude

    Computer dirty crashing after about 10 minutes?

    @Doomkid It was nasty and I don't know how the girl using it could see anything when it was on. But yeah, I assume she smoked a lot near it. I knew she was a smoker, but holy hell that was mental. @CBM I'm 54, so there's some older than 40's on here you old fart. haha
  15. Doom_Dude

    Computer dirty crashing after about 10 minutes?

    @Murdoch Ahhhh that IS nasty, especially with the mouse piss and crap. One of the worst I've seen was actually a crt monitor that was caked with nicotine.
  16. Doom_Dude

    Computer dirty crashing after about 10 minutes?

    Haha, so it was cat hair! That's still better than having a spider infestation.
  17. Doom_Dude

    Computer dirty crashing after about 10 minutes?

    Speaking of RAM, if you have more than one stick, try running with one and if it still does it, try the other by itself.
  18. @Doomkid Sure, go for it man.