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  1. texture error

    also.. I'm using a PNG file. I'm not sure if this type of file is ok or not, but the patches I did see in other wads were PNG so w/e. Just letting you know. :)
  2. texture error

    I'm fairly new at this so I'll try to be breif... What does R_InitTextures mean? I loaded a patch into XWE for my wad and it comes up fine in Doom Builder, but whenever I try to test my map a message pops up and says, "1 errors found in R_InitTextures." What is going on here? thanx, bwidger
  3. weapons :(

    For someone just beginning using Weapon/Sound/Music editing, which program would you advise? Which is the easiest; most flexable? Also... Is there a site that explains, in detail, the process of weapon/sound editing? If so, plz tell.
  4. bridge help

    The following link is one of my maps that contain a bridge. If somebody would plz take a look at it and give me tips or something that'd be great. The STEPTOP's and the bridge radius's are in place already. What am I doing wrong here? http://www.freewebs.com/bwidger/troubleshitmaps.htm
  5. question about textures/flats using XWE

    well, the thing is with me... i can use textures in like a pcsomething file but when it's in a .wad file i don't know how to take the pcsomething files out and into another map using XWE.
  6. question about textures/flats using XWE

    whoops, i guess this should be in the XWE section eh? srry.
  7. XWE noob askes: How do you go about taking textures/flats/skies out of wad files and tranfering them to maps using XWE? Is there a site or page that describes the process?
  8. question --light efx using DB

    Great! alright. This gives me a new playing field to test out. Thanx.
  9. question --light efx using DB

    and how would i go about doing that?
  10. question --light efx using DB

    wow, ok. use script.... got it. sure.
  11. question --light efx using DB

    Hey, last time i asked a question on this site i got sent to purgatory. thanx. No blame though becuase it was a stupid post. neways... I'm wondering how do you make light efx with DB? Someone said use "H Sector Color" and another person told me to use the scripts. I really don't know anything about scripts so instead I choose the other way. This is what I did: Made a dummy sector, labeled one of it's linedef's action 212(H Sector Color), made the blue argument 255, and then tagged it to the sector i wanted the blue light efx to go to. Both the dummy sector and the real sector are tagged the same. ...what am i doing wrong here?
  12. zserv.cfg question

    my question is fairly noobish and for that i'm sorry, but i can't figure out how i change the CTF configurations using zdaemon server launcher... well, honestly... i have NO idea how to get about this. example: last i ran a CTF map with a server it had friendly fire, unlimited flag points, etc... etc... of corse i asked around on this but the only response i got was "go to server directory, zserv.cfg, and it should be in a text file", so i disconnected the server and tried to go do what he said but i found no server directory...found the zserv.cfg but couldn't open it... and looked for the text file and somehow changed it to an acrobat file. lol. so obviously i need some help. :( can somebody please explain to me what i'm doing wrong here? once again sorry for the noobish question
  13. Doom Builder WAD Question

    iight kewl thanx guys
  14. Doom Builder WAD Question

    For all those who know anything about Doom Builder: How do I combine two pwads or wads into one? You see, i already built one wad but i wanna make another wad and join them together so they are all within the same wad. Is there a way with Doom Builder i can do this? explain plz. also, is pwad the levels with a wad pretty much? thanx, bwidger
  15. For some reason or the other the zdaemon browser won't let me log in! Yes, correct password and yes correct Doom Name. I've even tried erasing the whole zdaemon program off my computer and installing it again, but still it won't let me log in from the browser. I have Doom Connector and i can access zdaemon through that, which confuses me further. I also can't get into the zdaemon forums, both of which i could do two days ago. It just dosen't make sense. Everytime I try to log in through the zdaemon browser it says, "Cannot Conenct to the Master Server!" Can somebody lend some advise!? thanx, bwidger