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  1. Mr.Rocket

    what would a doom arg look like?

    If you're asking what Command arguments are for Doom? Exactly what @Stupid Bunny said. Here's this too: http://classicdoom.com/doomparm.htm
  2. Mr.Rocket

    What happened to Doom Guy In Duke Nukem 3D

    The fact that the sprite exists was obviously jealously.
  3. Mr.Rocket

    Oldest game you've actually enjoyed.

    Mostly the original arcades before Doom etc: Galaga Berzerk and Robotron Joust Mortal Kombat , all but MK4. Spy Hunter Contra or Super Contra Pole Position Rolling Thunder Double Dragon Shinobi Several console games: Not going to make a list atm, would be a pretty long list in the oldie console days of NES and SEGA Genisus PC games: Bards Tail A number of games - by Apogee Out of this world - by Interplay A couple side scroller Apple 2 games I made a small Pac-man like game on the Ti99/4a And something similar in GW basic on an old 386 Non-video games: Cards, I usually kick everyone's ass in Rummy. Darts Pool - 8 ball Chess D 'n D
  4. Mr.Rocket

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Pretty wild stuff in here guys! Trying to get back at this: Edit: Heh, first thing I noticed in the shot is that the right window by the steps, should be darker.. That and I think I need to have a real dim spot light up there at the background wall in the center. Unfortunately, I want this to look n' play ok in Zandronum also, so I have to remove all spot lights etc. ~ ? hmm, yep.
  5. Going by the shots, looks like your floor maybe too thin. Even though you say it went away? I'd increase the thickness of the floor there just to play it safe. ~ go with a standard grid size man. ;)
  6. Mr.Rocket

    What was your first purist/semi-purist source port?

    I'm thinking Doom95, WinDoom, Boom, then later GLDoom. Whichever came out first, in that order, heh.
  7. Well, if you're host, the client(your buddy) will need your primary IP address to connect to you (your internet IP issued by your ISP, not your local IP. You both will need to be running the exact same Gzdoom version and Iwad version. The default port 5029 will need to be forwarded through your router. When you host the game, the client will need to know when you do and he/she will need to connect to you at this time. The command line will need to look something like this for the host: -host -warp 3 -skill 3 -deathmatch And as long as you've given your primary IP to the client, he would have something like this: -join ###.###.###.### where the ### would be your IP address. More info can be found here: https://zdoom.org/wiki/Multiplayer The above would actually be the hard way to do it since you'd likely have be talking to your buddy on the phone or chat client of some sort. But the way that @LuciferSam86 suggests would probably be easiest using ZeroTier, although would likely require more ports to be opened.
  8. Yeah Gzdoom is peer to peer so you basically have to talk to your buddy and trade IP's to get a game going. To bad the Doom Connector isn't hosted anymore since it worked pretty well for peer to peer ports, including Dosbox Doom.
  9. Mr.Rocket

    DOOM Raytracing map creation?

    You know, I'm curious about this too, so no quick answer from me at this point. I'm guessing it's just totally engine specific and what you make doesn't matter, the engine takes care of where or what the lighting will do? Or, if there's actually a lighting script that could be generated? But yeah, so far I've only seen a couple of videos and then went and checked it out for my self. Pretty cool, but I haven't seen what I could do with it either, yet.
  10. Mr.Rocket

    Doom guy speed

    it should work, but you'll probably have to remove the - dash, since it's a console command from this point. turbo I think 250's max.
  11. Mr.Rocket

    Doom guy speed

    make a turbo.cfg: -turbo 200 exec turbo.cfg?
  12. @Doomkid, I'm not sure if anyone's mentioned it but I'd try a different power supply on your old system, see if anything changes.
  13. Mr.Rocket

    What country are you from?

  14. Mr.Rocket

    Player Oxygen Level!

    You might have a look at Arx End of Sun, I'm pretty sure Solarsplace released the source with the Mod since it was a source mod at the time. There's a part in the game where the player is freezing which I'm pretty sure it used the same sort of anti-oxygen setup. I haven't looked, but you'd think it's a simple timer, if when, do this much damage etc.
  15. Mr.Rocket