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  1. Looks pretty cool so far. Probably should get rid of those little green pillars, or stick'em in the walls.. also maybe have a continuous route going all the way around the map, almost how it already is. Just so you won't always have to go through the lava, but still have the option. Also since there's a central lava area, maybe think about having one large platform in the very center of it so at least some action will happen there. Make it large enough so some battles could be fought there without thinking about taking the dip of death, heh. It could turn out to be a good place for the BFG. Generally players won't like the idea of having damage areas in a DM map, but it doesn't bother me too much. As long as you know it's there, you just have to stay away from it. If there's issues with this, you can keep the lava but remove its damage, since players would much rather be killed by another player than a sector. Then there's the scenario where in heat of a battle and you only have 2% health and running to that health pack, but then your big toe manages to touch the lava pool on the way, it won't go over to well in terms of replay value heh. So again, at least having another route to take aside from the lava path, would probably be a good idea. ;)
  2. Thanks! I was kind of shooting for that actually. :P I'm updating it a little at the moment. It's getting a little tricky fighting the PLN max in a couple spots, but still staying at or just under 100. ~ expect a small update soon. ps. you might notice the super secret teleport switch just behind the Soulsphere.. it opens a wall to another teleport which gives the player an alternate route back to the small tech area.. first time I've tried doing something like that in a DM level.. wondering if I should keep it, and if I do I should at least put something in there, maybe.. ~ single player currently has imps in the red room teleport area.
  3. Well here's this so far: E2M6 - O' DAMN ODAMN.zip You'll also notice a new wooden version TWANGO texture. :P View the readme on info about how to get the Soulsphere also. This isn't a final version of course, but pretty close. Let me know what you think. Cheers!
  4. Still here.. Here's a few early shots of E2M6: I'm almost happy with the layout. ~ will be on to item placement and details soon. I still have plenty of room for SEG's so thumbs up on that. ;)
  5. Mr.Rocket

    HELP! Error when opening WhackEd 4!

    I'm on Windows 11 currently, but I have Win7 32bit SP1 on remote desktop and can confirm that Whacked4 works fine on Win7, at least from this end. It didn't require anything special, no compatibility or extra run times. Just extracted and ran.. I'd check and make sure your Windows is up to date, or at least SP1.
  6. Currently trying to think up a layout for E2M6, the map will probably have some sort of nukage tunnels system, with a little tech and a little brimstone. Kind of a mix of textures since the theme will soon be changing.
  7. Mr.Rocket

    TNT : Overcharged BETA Custom WAD

    um, Fucking love it man!
  8. Here's a bit of news: @Facínora , a fairly new member to Doomworld has uploaded a gameplay video about this remake. Wasn't expecting that but Thank You Facínora! ;)
  9. Count me in! ~ Unless I can't find the time to make a map for this. I'll let you know if/when I have something though.
  10. When will the floor that you stand on be visible, just before or just after you're standing on it? Sounds like you may have to script it in as a instant 3d floor lift.
  11. You could have it say "Well, you would have to go an update to Windows 11, now I have to leave you with this damn message!", :D
  12. So currently the message is only there simply because it hasn't been tested enough to guarantee that the engine will indeed run on the O/S. I suppose we'll just have to wait and see when there's enough Win11 users saying that it runs fine on the official Win11 build, right? Though it will be hard for them to say that it does, when they currently have to run in Win8 compatibility mode.
  13. Well, I suppose a soft error is better than no error at all, heh. Thing is, users on Win11 has to run in Win8 compatibility mode, while I'm running Win10 currently with all updates, with no issue at all.
  14. True, hopefully when Win11 shows errors messages about anything it will at least be pushed to their development team, that and at least ketmar knows now that (thanks to you) users running Win11 and k8vavoom may have some compatibility issues going on. Even though he has no means of fixing it, and since it runs fine on the latest Win10 anyway, it's likely an O/S issue which hopefully Microsoft will fix, if there's any report to get to them. Hopefully the error throws a red flag to them that IP with such and such Win11 specs encountered a problem while running such and such app. Curious if you like Windows 11 so far? I'll likely wait for the full version to come out.