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  1. The hi-res Pk3 version of the Doom3 Retro texture pack has been released. And can be found HERE! This version has all the hi-res textures, including brightmaps, brightmap animations, skies, and some requested pentagram decals. Test the skies and decals with the test maps hosted in the same location. The low-res (Doom color palette) version can be found in the usual place HERE. Cheers!
  2. I hope your talking about the hi-res version. :\
  3. And now we have SKY boxes. :) Grab them at the same location. HERE D3R_SKIES.pk3 is the sky resource file. ~ Besides the sky textures, it contains a MAPINFO in which will need to be changed to suit your map or deleted if you have your own already. sky_test.wad is just to test the skies. It contains 4 maps for each sky. Soon there will be a .pk3 of the whole project for hi-res, this will be clean and won't contain a mapinfo.txt. Cheers
  4. Those are part Doom2 and Doom3 textures. The Doom2 ones are for Jdoom/doomsday engine and slightly modified. It is nowhere near a complete texture set. Delete* Do me a favor. Don't post random texture packs in a thread that has a real texture pack under development. Thanks.
  5. If you're talking about it being pk3 format? then yes.
  6. We'll I was going to download it and take a look but my anti-virus won't allow it lol. Going by the size of the file though, it would only be using about 1/4 of this pack so doubtful.
  7. I'm all for the Doom3 style pipe models and such! Otherwise you might end up with something like this: And if I was to put angles in at the time, it probably would have taken a solid day to get the angles right. Was using just DB1 when I was making this. I'd probably have better luck now days, but I'd rather prefer models if available.
  8. This IS pretty cool! Here's Mega5 map01 in Nasty. Is there a way to have a direct overhead view with the camera? and perhaps zoom in and out? If not, it would be my request. :) This thing rocks! Thanks!
  9. In your editor, while the texture is selected, there is an area called flags, select wrap middle texture.. Edit: I had to look in the editor myself, it's called wrap instead of warp, sorry bout that. ;) ~ it should just say "tile" middle texture really, but oh well. Oh btw, you're welcome.
  10. All textures that hidfan recreated indeed are. But there are several textures that are not in the pack. You might notice that there are no glass window textures either. The reason for this is because these textures were attached to a definition for a model or skin. ~ which intern wouldn't have been in any of the original D3 texture directories. For example, your soda machines, I had to dig through the model directories in D3 to find them.
  11. There's 3 different size versions of that texture if you have gotten the latest release. There are no bill board textures in the pack, never said there were!
  12. You should be able to scale it 1 unit increments, just don't scale it so much. Or if all else fails, move the texture into the floor a little bit.
  13. Not yet, I probably will after I get the hi-res pk3'd though.
  14. The thing about RLGATE, is it's only 64 units tall. If it is any smaller it will become pixelated to the point that it wont look like a gate anymore. If you are editing in UDMF, you can scale the texture there instead, which won't allow it to pixelate. HERE is the final update to the D3 Retro wad version.