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  1. Mr.Rocket

    Tweaking Freedoom guy's face

    The new Freedoom HUD face looks fantastic! Keep up the good work. Cheers
  2. Mr.Rocket

    Lost Village (DM Map)

    That's a cool looking level, kind of darken2ish. The texture of the blue sky is better, if it were just gray I think.
  3. Mr.Rocket

    Post your Doom textures!

    iIn short, doors can be disturbing. Unless it requires 6 switches first. @Novaseer For the door, question at hand, hmm I still don't know where you're wanting to go with it, if it's to be more chaotic? Add some darker translucent blood all over the door? ~ seems how no less you will be having more of the same type of door through out the level (area) with same texture scheme. Cheers
  4. Oh man.. Did I miss out on this? I so wanted to not make a map. Screw it count me in, gonna go back to bed..
  5. Mr.Rocket

    Post your Doom textures!

    What did you have in mind aside from the door texture its self and Arch Viles laughing at the player from the other side of the door? If just the door texture why not use the modern tech door you've made prior and a "do not open" in blood on it? Or was the idea to have an older version which no marine has gone before? ~ which would explain the old door texture.
  6. Mr.Rocket

    Post your Doom textures!

    I like the idea of possibly having a transparent solid door frame. ~ to place in front and behind the door. Novaseer could just add that as a new texture and not actually make any changes to his original. @BLĪ»ZING_DUST, nice Doom Slayer style textures btw :)
  7. Mr.Rocket

    Post your Doom textures!

    That is waay too absorbent, just beacuase it's labeled a door and a wall in the case of the screen shot Aboove.., dont's mean it's rally issz.. :D ..cough ! all it needs now it a grid.. also STFU :D Anyway I had in mind something like this: or.. and trying not to mess with the texture theme/style you have going. It's a cool texture and I still like the idea of having a support texture on each side. :) Another idea to help signify it as a door would maybe having a little shawn2 in the logo.. just a thought though. But really, a big blood stain could do it. = why does that have a blood stain? I didn't put it there..
  8. Mr.Rocket

    Post your Doom textures!

    It helped yes, I like how the left side of the hazard stripe is cut off and looks like an arrow pointing downward due to the corner part you have there, if only the right side of the hazard had an arrow also. It would totally tell the player that the thing is going to be moving down, watch your head. The hazard stripe helps, but currently looks unfinished because the right side of it only has a little slit of yellow stripe.
  9. Mr.Rocket

    Post your Doom textures!

    Yeah or maybe a switch in the wall that is always next to the said door texture. Otherwise as rf' suggested or maybe even some support2 like textures on the sides of the door texture to give it the impression that it actually moves up and down. Looks good though!
  10. Mr.Rocket

    Doom 3 Textures for Doom

    @HektorQuest, Sorry for the late response. The textures in the pack are the size of original Doom. If they are not, then check the previous page 11 and get the pack, you may be using the textures before the pack was made. The pack should contain a TEXTURES.txt which scales them to original Doom sizes. Thanks
  11. Mr.Rocket

    Crispy Doom 5.2 (Update: June 20, 2018)

    Hi, I've recently added support for Crispy-Doom to Game Connector! Cheers
  12. Mr.Rocket

    Bridge Problem - You Help Please

    Ah you got it fixed! I was going to suggest that maybe there was a gib/corpse somewhere under the bridge, which may turn to a gib/slop after killing all monsters.
  13. Mr.Rocket

    Doom builder 2.3 crash/Object error

    Here Gonzo83, if this helps: pool.zip The tutorial you referenced to was using GZDB but I made this using DBX2 1.3.4 as you did in this case. ~ both however based using UDMX type. The setting configurations will of course be different in the different editors so keep that in mind..
  14. It looks like you were intending to just slap some random curvy design with a million verts on top of what would have worked before. What was the intention here? It's likely too late now but next time just use Ctrl+Z and remove the stuff that you already had known wouldn't have worked without causing some sort of error. That said, noted, just wasting time..