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  1. Very cool map! Especially for a first map! Could use a few more baddies. ~ chaingunners, revies, etc. Only thing I can suggest is to make it so the hallways have a bit more space to maneuver. Not just for a little more room for small battles, but future for co-op play as well. Other than that, damn fine map man!
  2. Woah ho ho ho ho hoo.. Need I say more? Yeah, Good Luck!
  3. Here's another thing you might try: Get an idea, put it on paper.. It may or may not look exactly as it should in the editor after you draw it out, but that's ok. Usually you'll spend a lot more time in the editor and more ideas come and get added as you go. But drawing it out on paper forces you to take you time and think about how everything will layout. It's worth that extra hour! Cheers
  4. I checked it out, it's not bad actually, considering it's your first map! Aside from texture alignments and what not I'll give it a 5/10, first map damn it. Anyway, I agree on the overly dark room. Stuff like that is good to go crazy on with gradient sector lighting. ;) Next would be to try to make the different areas not as linear. Just a few stairs here and there can totally open up a new dimension, which then allows you to rub your hands together and think, ok, this is going to look cool if I do this. ~ before you know it you'll have those steps on the ceiling and walls too! Also, maybe try some new things, for example, we have demons from hell, and tons of line triggers, sector effects, lifts, and teleports for you and them to take the player by surprise with. I think it's a good start! At least your not making a big box with a bazillion monsters in it just to kill framerate for kicks, lol rofl myshoe. Cheers
  5. Hi, I'm aware this is a fairly old thread now, however I too would like to setup a BBS just for the same purpose, to run a Doom server as well. And for nostalgic reasons, that and it would just be plain fun! I'v recently setup a BBS server locally until it's ready for the world, not to mention it's a bit of a learning curve. I'm using Synchronet currently but may end up using Mystic before all's said an done. I'v not glorified it with my own ans graphics or anything impressive yet. And when the time comes, I'd like to use Chocolate Doom for Doom games. @antiriad, I'm curious as to how your BBS turned out and whether you have it hosted yet? and if so, is Doom running ok? Thanks
  6. Sick avatar. Tool kicks ass.

  7. The easiest I can say is: 1: Each linedef has a nipple, not the nipple you're thinking but a line on the line def.. For a door in which you want to trigger to open and close, its linedef must be facing outward. eg: Make the door work: 2: These linedefs for the door need to have the action/data type 63, for a common door it is SR. ~ Switch Repeatable. Open/Wait/Close/Switch/Repeatable They of course now need to activate! The lines need to be tagged to the door sector. So, the lines need to have a tag number that binds to the sector in which you want to activate. In this case, you'll need to add a tag to both linedefs of the door. And then the door sector will need to have the same tag number so it will activate. eg: if the doors linedefs tags are set to 132, then the door sector will need to be set to 132 also. Make the door work as it should: 3: After that, the ceiling will need to be the same height as the floor in the doors sector. So for example if the ceiling is 128 and the floor is 0, then you'll want the doors bottom where it meets the floor to be 0. eg. ceiling 0, floor 0. Make the door look right: 4: The next thing you'll most likely want to do is apply your door and door track textures, and of course, align them. You'll notice that "in game" the door track texture moves with the door.. That of course doesn't look right, so you'll need to select the linedefs for the door track and check the box so that it is "lower unpegged". That's basically it for a normal open wait close door that is switched by the player hitting the use key to open/close it. Cheers and Good luck!
  8. Shweet! Glad that it is being used already in its young state! hidfan and id software get all the credit however! :) I feel like I can only get maybe 2% credit and stale cookie for brightmap animation and script, well.. if you us that stuff. :) Cheers!
  9. Sweet toads of Roden!
  10. Q-Bert DooM? Windows 95 wallpaper? :P
  11. Oh hell armor.. If you put armor in a deathmatch map for example, especially blue armor, item balance could be significantly broken. Simply because it's a 1 item in the heat of a battle that would determent whether you win or lose with 1 frag left.
  12. Here's a couple maps I was working on awhile back:
  13. I used DCK when I first started map making. It was more of a hassle keeping the editor working than making a wad. Later I moved to Wad Author which was a bit more stable. ~ also had to know what you could do and what you couldn't to keep the editor from crashing. Both of which, didn't allow for much of any detail nor map size due to Dooms VPO limitations. ~ Seems how there was only DooM and Doom2.exe. no sourceports yet.
  14. Ah, I see. ;) No worries mate.
  15. It could however look kind of cool with some ugly greens in there, for example RW28. And perhaps the supports using an actual rusty support texture. Although I'm guessing it's in development, and as is, it's meant to be clean.