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  1. Mr.Rocket

    Making the mastermind a better monster

    It's probably been done in a mod at some point but what if the Mastermind shot several small rockets? ~ or at that homing rockets like the Revenant? Or Perhaps had laser cannons, eg something like the quake style weapons mod found in QStuff_UltraV2.pk3
  2. Mr.Rocket

    Doom Legacy 1.47.2 Release

    Ah good to hear about xiO_'s Legacy Launcher for mIRC! That brings me back.. Cheers DooMAD! :) @kb1, sorry I'v been a bit out of the loop lately, but that's exactly the only source version I had also, 1.3. The 1.42 version of the launcher was inherited from a previous version of Doom Legacy, I think it was the birthday version 1.40? It worked fine for me on Windows 10 and slightly older versions of Windows, which is why I included it with the installer. I have no idea where the 1.42 launcher source is. 1.3 on the other hand, didn't work properly. There was an issue loading external files/pwads, (Single Map) where the loading would show gibberish and write it like that in its launcher config also. Not sure why, and it did this from direct download and/or after compiling from source. Aside from the pwad/deh loading, 1.3 seemed to work, but I didn't plan to distribute it like that heh, which is why the 1.4 version went into the installer. So yeah, I've only had a look at the 1.3 source, but set it to the side and started working on something else. Maybe you can figure out what's up with the 1.3 version source? ~ hopefully it's not a French translation somewhere causing it, hah. Thanks, and sorry again for the late reply.
  3. Mr.Rocket

    E1m8c - a study of Romero's E1M8b

    Nice Map! ...proceeds to download...
  4. Mr.Rocket

    Doom in the browser

    I could see a testing phase involved, of some sort at first, but then basically a mod where "next in line" could draw/create a door or hallway, and then next user "if wanted" (spec mode) could take part, or watch the piece evolve. ~ maybe a timer..? There could even be game-play or even team-play mod styles, where team tournaments could map for a team side and the other team map for his/her team. There's really nothing that's been thought of for this sort of thing yet.. I know there's a (wooh bettsie) on the dev scale of things; I get that, but omg..
  5. Mr.Rocket

    Doom in the browser

    Woah nice! As described above, where others could take part in drawing a map (on-line) in the same editor at the same time is an awesome idea! Oh man, the possibilities! Good Luck with this! it would be really neat!
  6. Mr.Rocket

    Which source ports would you like to see revived?

    Yeah, Legacy2 never had a chance to have anything made for it. ~ only an Alpha version of it was ever released. Not to be mistaken with the current and still in development Legacy1.x.
  7. Likely someone made a mod or in this case replaced some of the monster sprites.
  8. Or just copy n' paste them to a new folder then compress/zip them up, then upload them somewhere so we can have a look. Nice find!
  9. Mr.Rocket

    Doom Builder 2 AddOn's

    Yeah, they are just "infighting", if you place a monster behind another and they are alerted by you and the monster behind hits the other with a projectile, they will start fighting each other. They've always done this, it just doesn't happen all the time.
  10. Mr.Rocket

    New Classic Doom

    I downloaded a version yesterday that wouldn't work, wouldn't even load.. although that version didn't show a version #. However, today I downloaded v118 and I can confirm that WinDoomAPI_v118 does work on Win10 pro 64bit. In fact v118 doesn't have any graphic anomalies on this end..(so far) I'll let you know if I encounter any though. *I forgot to mention, the midi music plays a little faster than it should. *Ah yes I see the graphic issue if GFX enhancement is enabled. ~ disabled, no issue so far.. *The pull down PWAD selection does nothing, but adding -file pwadname.wad in the parameter field does. *If adding a strafe key number in the windoom.ini for left and right strafe, the strafe works but its "really badly delayed". Here's my Doom2 DEFAULT.cfg if its of any help: Question, does the multiplayer checkbox do anything at all?
  11. Mr.Rocket

    BLARRGH.WAD Challenge - 100% my map for $10

    Just give me the 10 bucks and we'll call it even. :P
  12. Mr.Rocket

    Which source ports would you like to see revived?

    It would be nice to see Legacy2 getting worked on again. I'm not sure if Smite-meister has more plans to go back to it but it hasn't seen the light of day for over 4 years: https://sourceforge.net/p/doomlegacy/svn/HEAD/tree/legacy/trunk/ Not to be mistaken with Legacy1.4x, that's Wesley's baby.