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  1. Lol:
  2. @Doomkid In a map I'm slowly working on I have a translucent mid texture that scrolls in it, something like you are describing. But in my case my texture is particles instead of bubbles. I use Action type 102, and Sidedef part 2, and its speed is set to a very slow 16, which is intentional. I have it flagged as double sided and activation is repeatable. The texture constantly scrolls upwards.(and is always visible) I'm mapping in UDMF however. ~ If it makes a difference. It's a single linedef, it's not part of a sector, and the texture is applied to both sides. ~ I have its activation set to repeatable but it doesn't need it as it's not tagged to anything heh. It just always scroll loops as expected though.
  3. There's also Doom Connector but the site's currently down.
  4. As said, it really just depends what your goal is and what you have in mind for your map/project. I'm sure everyone would agree with this. Aside from that, what it boils down to is.. Which screw driver are you going to use? Well it depends which type of screw it is, and whether you want a specific type of screw or not. These sort of questions could go on and on, as like the topic question. It's too subjective.
  5. Quoting myself on the previous page, so maybe, I donno.. No ones really replied to the actual topic since yesterday though.
  6. @IchorHahaha lol!
  7. I probably would have taken up oil painting..
  8. You're fa fa fa.. FIRED!!! :P
  9. I suppose I should mention that I'm currently mapping in UDMF, but not using too much yet aside from dyno lights and poly objects. Also guessing this thread might die soon, so everyone clock out, take a lunch brake, and we go from there.
  10. Nice! I see a lot of the D3 textures in there too. Looks good man! Cheers!
  11. No no no, what everyone really meant to say is that they would all rather map in UDMF or DOOM! However, it all depends on how big of a breakfast they had.:)
  12. No, just to ignore the map header. I wasn't aware that Eternity and 3DGE supported UDMF. I thought it was mainly Zdoom based ports, so thanks for that. :)
  13. I have an idea about a part of the map I'm slowly working on. If you remember the part in Doom3 where you walk/jump along the floating floors when it was a cross between tech and hell, I think it was Alpha Labs? I'd like to recreate this (not exactly but similar) So I'm probably going to end up creating some other 3rd party type textures. Mainly the large chains that held the floors in place, or looked as if they did. So then if/when I create these chain textures, should I include them in the next update to the pack?
  14. Agreed..