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  1. Was gonna say, it's probably your offsets..
  2. Mr.Rocket

    I Need Help For Make A Mod

    Sure, send me some $$$ and I'll get started. :P
  3. Mr.Rocket

    Door only moves an inch and doesn't open

    It's likely getting stuck due to the surrounding sector heights. If you wanna have a sort of arch kind of structure in front and behind the door, you'll want to make the door as it's own thing, in its own sector areas and not have the arch sectors actually touching the door, if you know what I mean. ;) ~ this will ensure that the door always works as expected.
  4. Holy shit, I might wanna get in here! Is it too late?
  5. Well, I think G(ZDoom) is still a good source engine and people tend to like it, but I totally agree, it depends on what you're trying to capture, if it's an original feel, Choco is the one. I've been digg'n the new Managed Doom port lately too! DosBox Doom works pretty well too if you have some preconfigured confs and a quick way to launch them, created on launch time etc. Anyway, going back to OP. I think the main reason would be map development, aside of casual play, but that kind of goes for most source ports (I suppose). I tend to play them all, but not all the time..
  6. Mr.Rocket

    (UDMF) Deep + Reflective water?

    Could possibly have a translucent 3d floor slightly above a reflective flat surface? ~ the 3dfloor could also float/bob.
  7. I think that most people and or mappers that chose different ports is specific to the map they plan on making, at least in a lot of a cases. ~ and a good chunk of the community are mappers. Edit: Even though the above makes since, almost.. I was somewhat drunk when I typed that last night.. :P Either way, even Romero decided to use GZ for map making recently, from what I recall.
  8. Mr.Rocket

    WAD has no texture anymore

    I haven't downloaded it from there, either way, it shouldn't be that complicated to edit or at least look at a wad, i'm getting the impression that the archive is possibly corrupt?
  9. Mr.Rocket

    WAD has no texture anymore

    Are you trying to access the wad with Slade while it's still compressed? ~ only reason I'd figure it would give an access denied..
  10. It's hard to comment without looking at the map myself, but you might try checking all that has recently been added. I'd start with checking all the vertices and making sure nothing is over lapping, eg see if everything is actually connected. Requires moving each new vert one by one and making sure all sectors are closed.
  11. Mr.Rocket

    DoomLegacy 1.48.12 Release

    Why not include the common download with the binary package? All the old versions were distributed like this, why is it different now?
  12. I'm with pcorf, the said textures should be a predefined default whenever a said door is created. ;)
  13. Mr.Rocket

    ACE Engine v2 - DOS Doom II [vanilla++?]

    This is pretty amazing stuff @kgsws!
  14. Ah I see, well no wonder I was confused. Thanks for the info!