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  1. I built a tune-able tongue drum / wood xylophone!


    This was made from mostly knotty pine with red oak on the trim pieces.  The 'fretboard' is a milled down strip of dense teague with aluminum rails running into a 1/8" trench to act as the frets.  The keys are adjustable and fretted down with 5/16" machine screws.  The inserts are t-nuts mounted in through the bottom of the fretboard. The length is around 11", 8" wide and 7" or so in height.





    Keys mounted, also red oak.  The keys do not resonate as well as I'd like, but the modular design allows to change materials or have a mix and matched material configuration if I want. 




    Front view



    All in all, about $30 in material and a month or so of work off and on.  I have to play around with the key material,  but the body is acoustically very loud.


    This is why I can't get a wad out the door in less than 2 years!

    1. Mr.Rocket


      Very cool!

      I'd like to hear it!



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