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  1. That's good to know Doomkid.

    I actually went to the trouble of putting a ENDOOM in Mega5 some years ago.

    it was mostly just for kicks, being a DM wad an all, but it contains one. :P


    I think I used Inkworks maybe and Pablo, and Xwe to insert it. 

    There's also some BBS software out there if I recall, one called Mystic ? , and there was another.. to create some ANSI stuff.

    The ENDOOM was in some certain dimensions though I think. 300x200?

    I remember that ANSI stuff can get booger'd up rather easy though..

  2. Good question, I've never messed with Snea format lumps in anything, but I'd image it could look any way you want seems how it's a graphic lump. 

    The only problem is having something (game engine) recognize the lump type since it's not common, other than alpha versions, currently?

    Aside from that, it is open in an editor after all, so it must be possible. 


  3. I'm not as familiar with Slade but you should be able to import the bin file.

    First, backup your wad, to play it safe!


    You may need to click on the graphics Icon in Slade before importing.

    from that point the ENDOOM ANSI should be in your wad..




  4. I'm no DB developer though I know the program should work as expected.

    That said, I do have a few questions:

    Which version of Doom Builder are you using? DB1, DB2, GZDB, X?


    On 9/16/2019 at 3:02 PM, MetalDoomGuy said:

    unable to start the test program, win32 exception: the operation was canceled by the user

    This tells me that the program you're using to "test" is at fault however, what program, what Doom port?


    Did you actually cancel the operation?

    Do you have a keyboard key that is sticking due to a soda pop mishap? :P


    Really need a little info here..


  5. If I recall, 3d floors can be movable and removable by means of script. ~ something like flooding water. 

    So as Graf mentioned, a transparent 3dfloor could be setup for blocking, and then removed via script later if needed.

    Or when you get close to it the floor goes up, and when you aren't too close the wall goes down allowing you to shoot through it.

  6. hmm get this, when I try to alt-tab,  it simply ...




    My mistake! I was pressing alt-enter, nvl, (when pressing alt-enter nothing happens) heh.

    This action is usually to toggle from full screen to window mode, and back.

    Is there no default binding?



    Alt-tab however does minimize k8 though, which seems ok to me as alt-tab is to switch between windows in Windows o/s.

    Hitting alt-tab doesn't make k8 close or anything for me, it just minimizes, which to me, still seems fine.


    Application Window Minimize Button:

    If I minimize the k8vavoom window via the window minimize button when running in windowed mode, k8 just minimizes, but still runs normally on this end. ~ it's running minimized in the background while typing this. ~ unlike the issue that ReaperAA was getting.


    In the meantime I've tested these actions several times with the same result. 



  7. I'm not sure what all you use, probably several different materials, but I was thinking you could have a translucent plastic of sorts for a fireball and have an LED lit up inside of it. ~ maybe something like that for its eyes too, but that would be getting into some extra details that might mess it up.

    Are you planning on making a mold of it?


  8. Np, sorry I don't have any quick fix for the translucent decal issue you're getting over there.

    ~ and if I did, I wouldn't be able to tell if I'v fixed it on this end heh.


    I doubt that it has anything to do with the texture its self now, though..

    If you have an ATI vid card, it may actually have something to do with that though. ~ which wouldn't be a GZ or LZ problem either..

  9. 3 minutes ago, Dr. DiegO said:

    Of a rocket launcher and grenade explosions


    Rocket launcher:



    After using Grenade:



    I donno man, I'm not seeing the issue.

    Only thing I can suggest is redownload BD21 and LZ, or at least backup and delete your ini config.

    See if that fixes anything, otherwise maybe update vid drivers..


    Though you're saying it's a common issue with the BD21 version?

    If that's the case, maybe expect an update to the mod soon. 


  10. 13 minutes ago, Dark Pulse said:

    My guess is that it's related to something screwy with the texture being not rendered with proper alpha. I'm guessing it's supposed to be some kind of scorch mark or something.

    That would be my guess also..

    I been checking it out in LZDoom since the topic, but I haven't ran into any problems yet.

    I have an Nvidia card, not sure if that makes a difference.

  11. doom_sight1.png.86d8b6bb936c20d3b98961b24b0110d3.png


    and then there's that..

    I love the original Doom cross hair. ~ At least that's the way I see it.. 

    On the side of an actual crosshair , I tend to like the D3 version the most, it's just a good look'n crosshair I guess.


    I've never really been much of a crosshair guy though, so I suppose just a little red dot would be good enough..