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  1. mr8

    Happy Halloween everyone!!

    Jesus, Michael Myers is back... again. Halloween Resurection... Looks like crap.
  2. mr8

    Age of people playing Doom these days!

    There's no age to have fun I'm 27
  3. Hi everybody ! So, is there any ways to do that ? Thanx
  4. mr8

    Scariest Doom monster?

    The Cyberdemon the first time I play DOOM... Because it's the first new monster in comparision of the sharware version. I was at the opposite corner and was surprised by that hudge shape far away, before taking 3 missiles in my ass... (I was playing without sound) Maybe Lost Souls 'cause they are silent till they spooke you... Yes ! Silent Hill 1&2 are really insane and disturbing !
  5. mr8

    What's your favorite Doom & Doom 2 Level?

    ULTIMATE DOOM E1M8 - Phobos Anomaly (ambiance, shape construction, straight, short, smashing ending !) E2M5 - Command Center (small corridors, weird, deadly, many secrets !) E3M6 - Mt.Erebus (hudge open area, ugly, HELL !) E4M3 - Sever The Wicked (I don't know why...) DOOM II Map13 - Downtown (challenging, urban guerilla, it rocks !) Map27 - Monster Condo (dark, insane, disturbing !) MASTER LEVELS Map19 - Black Tower (concept, design, deadly roof, a must !) TNT Map21 - Administration Center (colossal map, nerver ending !) Map27 - Mount Pain (dark sewers, the vision of the Mount with all the Lost Souls in the end !) PLUTONIA Map29 - Odyssey Of Noises (same as Downtown, but with hell atmosphere !) Map32 - Go 2 It (total carnage, revision of Entryway !) Anyway, the best of the best stays ULTIMATE DOOM.
  6. mr8

    Extracting stuff from other wads

    What's the difference with a normal sky ? A 512 one looks nicer ?
  7. mr8

    Screaming question...

    I always wonder why the marine is silent in the cast of caracters' screen... When using Zdoom port. (If I well remember, he's screaming in standard Doom, but I roll on Xp now so...) He is supposed to scream when we kill him right ? How could I make him scream again under Zdoom ?
  8. Oh... I see Thanx, it's very logic in fact...
  9. Thanx ! Another question (BADLY ! Am I boring ???) When I replace some levels just to see what happens, some textures are shifted... (or moved... I don't know the right verb...) Expecialy warp texture (GATE0, GATE1, GATE2 and GATE3...) I just wonder why and if it could be corriged... I've heard a solution by "patching" the textures with XME but I really don't know how to proceed...
  10. I forget a question... What is the command to get the "cast of caracters" screen after a level ??? Thanx
  11. Mapinfo lump file rules a lot. It's cool to be able to have a special trick map07 in whatever map you want, secret exits wherever you want... You can really go out the standard DoomII megawad.
  12. I wonder if it's possible to make more than a 32 levels megawad. For example, a 60 one, with the help of a mapinfo.lmp ? Did anyone try that yet ?
  13. mr8

    Need a lil help here..

    What about TOASTER ?
  14. WOOOOOOOOOOOOO ! Sorry if I've hurt anybody here with my terms. Pets in particular :P I said American cause accents aren't the same... (easier to understand than the English one) That's why I precise the difference... Anyway ! Thanx ELBRYAN for the PSX software ! You rule ! Good Demos DOOMBOY, pretty fast playing, I like that ! I recorded a few Zdoom demos too but I'm not a good fast player... The day I saw the Compet-N ones, I just gave up... Those demo recorders are not human !
  15. Thanx for your help but I've already tried this one... On the PSX CD, there are .LCD and .ROM files.