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  1. Please leave if you are easily offended. (read: a member of PETA) You have been warned.

    I dislike PETA. Two words: F*CK YOU! All they ever want to do is Preach. They release graphic, bloody gory comic books dictating how Mommy and Daddy kill sweet, defenseless little bunny rabbits for dinner. Then (true story also) they come to an elementary school in town and begin handing out cards with pictures of fish on them. The kindergarteners-2nd graders still have trouble reading, so they give the cards to the teachers thinking it's "Gus and Goldie" (a swimming program out here). In truth, the backs of the cards say things about how fish swim in their own crap and not to eat fish. Other cards released include cards with pictures of kids who look sick. On the backs, it blames their illness on how they ate improperly (read: ate meat). And then there's the paperwork. This OFFICIAL paperwork states that out of 27,000 animals given to PETA to be put into better homes, 26,996 were not. That's a whole 4 given to better homes (just for the numerically impaired). The best part? 25,000 were euthanized before they were even away from the owner's home.
    And just a slight bit of humor for you: "Lettuce Lady" (PETA's mascot[I think}, a chick who wears nothing but lettuce) WAS seen at a local Applebee's, hunched over a plate of Riblets.