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Everything posted by Judge_Dredd

  1. Judge_Dredd

    Are there any Halo skins for Doom?

    I was wondering if there were any skins of the Halo characters for Doom or Doom 2.
  2. Judge_Dredd

    Punisher TC is back up!

    Punisher TC is no longer on hiatus. We're starting again from scratch, but using jDoom this time around. We could use a modeller, a coder, someone who's good with DEHACKED, a weapon designer, and someone who can do good graphics.
  3. Judge_Dredd

    Two extremes

    I have a simple quote for this.
  4. Judge_Dredd

    What movie would YOU remake?

    I would wait a couple years and remake Doom. I'm shocked noone beat me to it.
  5. Judge_Dredd

    A new low in advertising - "COQ ROQ"

    One Nation under Chicken Fries? Is BK starting a new country led by the creepy stalker mannequin "King?" One last thing: Is Ronald McDonald the jester?
  6. Judge_Dredd

    Punisher TC is back up!

    Actually we're using elements from all 3 (movie, book, & game). As for the D64 textures, they will be changed for the final product.
  7. Judge_Dredd

    Man Loses Case After Pleeing that GTA caused him to do it

    I wonder if Jack Thompson's gonna bitch and moan about this...
  8. Please leave if you are easily offended. (read: a member of PETA) You have been warned.

    I dislike PETA. Two words: F*CK YOU! All they ever want to do is Preach. They release graphic, bloody gory comic books dictating how Mommy and Daddy kill sweet, defenseless little bunny rabbits for dinner. Then (true story also) they come to an elementary school in town and begin handing out cards with pictures of fish on them. The kindergarteners-2nd graders still have trouble reading, so they give the cards to the teachers thinking it's "Gus and Goldie" (a swimming program out here). In truth, the backs of the cards say things about how fish swim in their own crap and not to eat fish. Other cards released include cards with pictures of kids who look sick. On the backs, it blames their illness on how they ate improperly (read: ate meat). And then there's the paperwork. This OFFICIAL paperwork states that out of 27,000 animals given to PETA to be put into better homes, 26,996 were not. That's a whole 4 given to better homes (just for the numerically impaired). The best part? 25,000 were euthanized before they were even away from the owner's home.
    And just a slight bit of humor for you: "Lettuce Lady" (PETA's mascot[I think}, a chick who wears nothing but lettuce) WAS seen at a local Applebee's, hunched over a plate of Riblets.

  9. Judge_Dredd

    Punisher TC is back up!

    *BUMP...sorry* Just wanted everyone to know the project is still going and we could still use someone who's good with scripts. Also needed: People who can do dialogue for the characters.
  10. Judge_Dredd

    Stupid XBox D3 Questions

    I know this may sound stupid, but in Doom 3 for the XBox, what did they remove from the PC? I recall there being something about a bathroom trick, nd there was maybe some other stuff, but were there any other things (aside from some levels being removed and changed) that I missed?
  11. Judge_Dredd

    Stupid XBox D3 Questions

    I was dimwitted enough to follow...lol
  12. Judge_Dredd

    Punisher TC is back up!

    Question to everyone: Who (or what, in the case of an organization) would you like to see as the main villain in the Punisher TC? Reasonable answers only, please.
  13. Judge_Dredd

    Gta:Sa Offically recieves AO Rating

    No, but according to CNN, they will be pulled for "quite a while", so I assume that even after the new M-Rated version comes out, there won't be any in stores for a while due to things like "What if there's something else?". Not to mention, if Hillary Clinton and Joe Lieberman get their say in this aptly dubbed "shitstorm," there may not be another GTA at all. /idiocy
  14. Judge_Dredd

    Punisher TC is back up!

    There is now a screenshot. It's here: http://img323.imageshack.us/img323/8862/doom00290mw.png It's an extremely early version of Map05, titled Displace Incorporated: Infiltration. The story of it is as follows: ARC (American Research Corporation) does experiments on humans, but they outsource it to one of the corporations they own (Kinda like Microsoft and some of its stuff). This company, Displace Incorporated, tests the effects of experimental phase energy weapons on people. They have Spacker Dave, and you have to go get him and the other people they've captured at random. It also seems to you that they've been toying around a bit among other areas of mystery-sciences. You can also try and find out what they've been up to in other areas, it would help explain why this place is so creepy-feeling. Map15: Return to Displace You hear reports that refuted crime boss Hammerhead has been seen going into Displace several times, and money has changed hands several times as well. This is no protection racket. It's big. Hammerhead has Joan, and you highly suspect she's been taken there for questioning and possibly torture. You have to go back. You have to save Joan. You can't afford to lose anybody else. http://img323.imageshack.us/my.php?image=doom00011fr.png : City Rooftops http://img323.imageshack.us/my.php?image=doom00006sy.png : City Rooftops 2
  15. Judge_Dredd

    Games you would like to see made into movies

    I was too...I guess I just didn't come off as well as I should've tried to.
  16. Judge_Dredd

    Games you would like to see made into movies

    Why does your project scream that it is exactly like the Resident Evil flops (except the zomies really were from a virus in RE)?
  17. Judge_Dredd

    The mindset of a zombie

    Nice! Best story EVAR!!!1!one
  18. Judge_Dredd

    Games you would like to see made into movies

    Doom (the real one, not the one I think Uwe Boll ghostwrote) Duke Nukem Blood Silent Hill 4 Resident Evil 4 Mercenaries Area 51 (the cheesy old one, not the cheesy David Duchovny one) Maximum Force I'm going on and on, so I'd better stop....
  19. Judge_Dredd

    Who can you do impressions of

    I can do the PERFECT Arnold Schwarzenegger. I hit it spot-on every time. I can do a pretty good Beavis, and the Supafly from Joe Cartoon.
  20. Judge_Dredd

    Texture/sprite artist looking for work

    Would you like to help work on the Punisher TC? We could use a sprite artist.
  21. Judge_Dredd

    Punisher TC is back up!

    *Er...Bump...* What do you guys think? Should The Punisher TC be cutscene-heavy or no? What I mean is, would you like for there to be several cutscenes to convey the story better than the few text screens in regular Doom 2? An example would be, say, entering Joan and them's apartment, and Bumble inviting you (Frank Castle, The Punisher) to have some dinner with them. The Punisher would eat (3rd person now), and end the scene with full health. Later, in Frank's apartment, the window would bust out and several enemies would enter, the Punisher spinning around and pressing one of the secret buttons in the dresser to retrieve a gun.
  22. Judge_Dredd

    Punisher TC is back up!

    Aside from questions on the lines of "Why both ZDoom and jDoom?", creative input would be appreciated.
  23. Judge_Dredd

    Gaming grudge settled once and for all...

    WTF? http://www.googlefight.com/index.php?lang=en_GB&word1=Beavis&word2=Butthead
  24. Judge_Dredd

    Crappiest games to review

    I's a bunch of crazy babble that sounds remotely like acar. Before the ringtone, though, you cound find the sound at tekzoned.com and click on Insanity Test.
  25. Judge_Dredd

    Stupid XBox D3 Questions

    Okay, one last question...Okay, maybe two. Where do I find Locker #666, and where do I find the Martian Buddy boxes?