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  1. i usually work 8 hours 5 days a week but I had to work on a project and so I put in double the time and of course i'm as tired as fuck now. but it made me wonder how people are able to do it on a consistent basis. it's the equivalent of 80 hours a week which is half the week (sleeping included).

    i don't understand how people like investment bankers pull it off (and more) every week. i got to imagine it's not good for one's health.

    anyone here have any experiences with consistent long hours? i have to imagine it's tough especially if someone is a manager in any degree (mid or upper management).

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    2. Cupboard


      I mean, that's guaranteed overtime pay right? If you're regularly doing more than 40 hours a week you nag them in the balls until they give overtime and mention you are job hunting on your off days.

    3. Tracer


      By law, yes. Consequently, my paycheck was fucking awesome.

    4. Job


      Phml said:

      Not wanting things is the easy part. Convincing your SO, now that's hard mode. Financial independence is a dice roll once more than one person is involved. Looking back, I wish I had worked even more. You don't know what's coming 20 or 40 years down the line. Perhaps it'll be UBI, rainbows and sunshines, perhaps it'll be increasing balkanisation and a collapsing pension system, perhaps it'll be some dystopic combination of both where Googlebook Analytics decide how your generously allocated UMA (useless meatflesh allowance) will be used today. Of course, preparing for the future involves staying healthy, so pushing yourself to the point you collapse is not a good idea either.

      Fair point, Phml. I'm fortunate enough to be married who shares a lot of my values, so it's like a 3 legged race where we're both in synch. I also agree, you have to balance health, happiness and meeting your basic material needs. Everything in moderation.