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  1. This might appeal to some who have read some of my posts on why I enjoy IoS maps and how I hope for more monster spawner maps - even if they aren't necessarily ones with a wall.

    TL;DR: I played god mode when I was little, and I reached the IoS which killed me by telefragging and I got scared. Eventually, I became interested in this telefragging mechanic which is almost never used in game except in IoS fights.

    When I was very little, maybe 5, 6, or 7, I played DOOM in the mid 90s. I was afraid of my character dying (as well as the Demon's bite sound) back then. So I figured out, and played with God Mode on. I beat DOOM at my uncle's house in Florida.

    Next came DOOM 2. Yet again I used god mode and made it through the levels and then IT happened. I hit the dreaded Map 30. I did not know what to expect or what to do. The monster made it's sound which to me sounds like gorrrrrrr rehhhh oooo si, jim'bre selve-tay d'je ooze (and yes, I know what the actual sound is).

    The skulls started appearing out of the monsters head, packed with the unholy essence of a demonspawn, eventually turning into a full-fledged demon upon reaching it's destination. As the essence turned into a full-fledged demon, I kept shooting them down, IDFA'ing if ammo ran out. At the time, I thought the skulls would stop and the creature would have a shootable weak point show up - or the wall was shootable itself.

    But then IT happened. Despite having god mode on, I suddenly died. The screen was red. I was horrified. I screamed in terror. I did not know how I died. My character was lying on the ground; his guts being sprawled throughout the deepest depths of hell. I suddenly learned about this monster's ability to kill my God mode character; one of it's skulls landed right on top of where I stood. I was telefragged. It was horrifying.

    As I got older, I started becoming interested in the telefragging mechanics which has the power to kill a god mode character - the only other exception is damaging floors encountered in E1M8 but those finish the level.In the original DOOM series, the only place this mechanic is encountered is the last level of DOOM 2. As a result of my experiences when I was little, I enjoy playing the IoS maps which always bring up those memories.

    I also wonder if it's possible if there could be a way this mechanic could be used without the icon of sin. The interesting aspect is the not knowing when you're up and *BOOM*, death by telefrag. As a programmer, I know it can happen via a simple script. But I'm more interested in if a map could be designed in such a way that it relies on telefragging to be a good map - maybe in the way of suspense.

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    2. Chezza


      We share a similar childhood experience when it comes to Doom. I too played with cheats, got completely shocked by dying during the IOS fight, I felt terribly vulnerable and the fresh death experience made it even more unsettling. I grew to love it and do hope to see a modern version that works well. The epic beginning with it speaking gibberish made it feel even more epic. When I nocliped inside it and saw the head on the stick (not knowing who it was or why it's there) I felt a little more unsettled but that much more curious on the origin of the Icon of Sin.

    3. geo


      The best evidence that video games don't cause violence is that John Romero has never once been shot in the head.

    4. Pure Hellspawn

      Pure Hellspawn

      anyone here a decent icon of sin mapper? how long does it take to make a boss map usually?