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  1. This blog is about my behavior and how I can avoid getting in trouble here at Doomworld. I have read the rules, and do not wish to get in trouble anymore. I've been a bitchy bastard a long time ago, but now I'm 20 years old and I love playing Doom (mainly 2).

    Any advice on how I can continue posting and stay outta trouble? The reason I am posting this thread is because of the last helled thread I started.

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    2. Pure Hellspawn

      Pure Hellspawn

      I've been punished before but the last time I committed a major offense (for which I regret) was sometime in 2006. Got banned for it (for 2 years), but I managed to convince an admin on the ZDoom forum to unban me. Now I just want to be able to post normally without getting banned/losered/ridiculed/mocked again.

    3. myk


      One way to get better is by familiarizing yourself with threads that go well (they give good examples of what to do) and those that en up badly (examples of what to avoid). Also, when in doubt, reread the FAQ.

      printz said:
      But why in the hells did that guy want to ban you for that?

      Maybe the guy did, or maybe he didn't. I can't say much for that guy. He could well be a psycho or something. Personally, however, I might use such a method to show how such threads can lead to ugly stuff being posted. The last such thread ended when some guy posted that he jacked off on a sleeping person, or something like that.

    4. SYS


      Sometimes the best posts you can make on the internet are the ones you decide not to post.