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  1. Pure Hellspawn

    The Age of Hell (megawad)

    doesn't hurt to do more frequent backups in the future. we programmers are required in our jobs to use source control in case something goes wrong or data is lost.
  2. Pure Hellspawn

    What are all the "reactions" supposed to mean?

    Whichever powerup I use means I like the post - and I usually don't give out "likes" unless I feel it actually deserves one. Nothing more or nothing less.
  3. Pure Hellspawn

    TURBO Universal 1.0

    i tried this on map30 and the icon was shooting probably 10 times faster
  4. Pure Hellspawn

    [BOOM for Doom II] TwoShot X

    map progression became kind of tricky in the room with the invuln.
  5. Pure Hellspawn

    hellbound short doom ll wad

    Hellbound is the name of a famous megawad - I'd advise using a different name.
  6. Pure Hellspawn

    Doom lost popularity?

    I've been here for thirteen years (damn you Bauul - you were here when i was just 12!) I have not seen as much activity in the past as I have in more recent times. In addition, I am seeing a higher quantity of higher quality wads now than I did 10 years ago. I also have a feeling the number is a little bit off.. There are other outlets to get the wad files such as moddb, mirrors among other sites.
  7. Pure Hellspawn

    SlaughterMAX. RC2 available!

    level 7 seems like a puzzle. how does one avoid being crushed? i know killing the AV triggers it.
  8. Pure Hellspawn

    Ethics of announcements/releases

    Well you technically just announced it in this thread... congrats on on the release! Looking forward to it!
  9. we need a modder of the year award, and only Batandy deserves it. Maybe another award an go to someone who simply maps, but his mods truly show what the GZDoom engine is capable of.
  10. Pure Hellspawn

    Castlevania: Simon's Destiny [V1.3 OUT!]

    the op needs to win the mapper of the year award. maybe we even need a special award for classic mapper of the year - but nothing out there (skulldash, Stronghold and maybe a few others) show the fullest capability of the GZDoom engine. for golden souls 1, 2, and this mod.
  11. Pure Hellspawn

    DOOM wads that use custom made monsters

    stronghold golden souls 1+2 (mario themed) super sonic doom (2004)
  12. DOOM doesn't necessary equal low res cartoon graphics anymore. Not with GZDOOM.
  13. Pure Hellspawn

    British or American spelling?

    I actually tend to use both, but as an American I may lean more towards the American way. I have said the word maths as well as colour before. Edit: I used to play Runescape which is a British MMORPG now owned by the Chinese. Quit, but still got some British spelling out of it.
  14. Congrats to all in the EU. I'm just hoping things settle down here in the US, but I'm not counting on it. Suffice to say it feels like the world is immensely divided on everything. Especially in the US. Either you like Trump or you loathe him - we live in an era where there is really no middle ground. I live in the US in what is typically known as a "swing state". This means in some elections the state goes red and in others it has gone blue. Generally because of that, I pass by people everyday who tend to believe me as an enemy rather than someone with opposing political beliefs. Generally, with the latter, people can work out a compromise which is what makes a democracy great. But with the former, there is no compromise and it's either one way or the other. And I think social media simply inflames the situation. This mainly comprises of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, MMOs, Comments on news sites, and even Steam among others. I am 30 which is relatively young. When I was born, personal computers were just beginning to become mainstream and arcades were popular and the World Wide Web didn't even exist. Now, anyone can post a video saying whatever they want and it possibly can go viral. In my opinion, much of humanity as well as our education system has failed to adapt to this rapidly growing pace of technology. This is not to say I am outright condemning it or even advocating censoring it, but rather that we must focus on adapting ourselves to such changes and learning how to protect ourselves from potential threats that can arise as a result (e.g: trolling, cyberbullying, hacking).
  15. In short: no form of government is perfect and each form has disadvantages. But - to make the government as effective as it can be - everyone needs to get out and vote, and get their friends to vote. Then, have their friends convince their friends and vice-versa. If you like something - or don't like something: vote for or against it. Vote for the candidate you like best, or better yet, vote for the candidate you like best that is most likely to have a shot at winning. The saying vote for the lesser of two evils has a lot of truth (esp in US where winner takes all).