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  1. The Age of Hell (megawad)

    i prefer an Icon of Sin well made over a Cyberdemon. Cyberdemons are in my opinion overused, too predictable, and usually get pwned by circlestafing. But he is using custom monsters, so there's a ton out there that's much deadlier. I personally would love to see a boss gauntlet that has an icon of sin battle (not necessary the last fight of the map) for Map 30.
  2. DoomGuy's MSPaint adventure!

    DECORATE is better and easier to use - at this point DeHacked is really only for vanilla compatible wads. Multi-slotting your shotguns is a good idea as well - I think of BFG weapons as being in slot 7, plasmas in slot 6, Rockets in 5, you get the picture. Slot 1 is also a multislot weapon. You have your chainsaw and your fists (berserk). Keep in mind a tic is not equal to a second. 1 tic is 1/35th of a second. So you'll need 150 tics for a little over 4 seconds - this you can find here: https://zdoom.org/wiki/Definitions I think the pizza cutter should have a different sound - it doesn't resemble a pizza cutter.
  3. Making a projectile spawn an actor on death

    look up clavnoxr.wad
  4. DoomGuy's MSPaint adventure!

    welcome to the world of doom blacksmithing. are you using DEHACKED or DECORATE? I think you should create an alternate fire for some of the weapons. Also, Cyberdemons use grenades now. Generally, a very balanced weapon set; perhaps a little stronger than the original DOOM weapons. BFG is sorta like having svfastweapons 1 or 2 on for a normal BFG at the cost of 10 extra cells a shot. The PDD (plasma replacement) is kind of like a plasma version of SSG.
  5. The Age of Hell (megawad)

    this reminds me a little of bloodstain map29. which is one of my favorite hell maps by the way. the black marble faces - will you be using those?
  6. Have your own Personal Destruction Device!

    such a weapon exists already. boss monsters immune. i think it's the bomb in the weapon resource wad.
  7. Fucking .net Framework 3.5

    if i'm not mistaken, you can develop .NET 3.5 applications even if you have an updated version. I'm a programmer; we use .NET 4.5 and older versions.
  8. The Age of Hell (megawad)

    honestly, i love your mapping style. keep it up! my one suggestion may be to release it in fragments if that helps (like Jenesis!) very impressive.
  9. Or E4M8. But given the right defences, it can be a genuinely difficulty boss.
  10. So I'm doing a research project for college...

    Your age and gender - 30/M Optional (Out of interest): Country of residence - US Which Doom games have you played? 1,2,Final DOOM. Your personal favourite Doom game and why - N/A - there are too many "Megawads" that How you would rate each Doom game (optional: why?) Technically if you count fanmades, there are too many to answer this question. Do you think the Doom series has improved since its original 1993 release or has it declined in quality? Not really. I have yet to see Doom 3 and Doom 2016 mods and I doubt they will ever match the quality and quantity of all the megawads (fanmade levels that are usually 30 or 32 levels in Doom 2). Do you feel that Doom 2016 gives you nostalgia and lives up to the original 1993 release? Depends how moddable it ends up becoming. What are your overall opinions on the Doom series? The moddability and all the levels available plus the community makes it one of the best games of it's era. What are your overall opinions on Doom 3 specifically? N/A Are there any other things you would like to add that could contribute to this research? Different people here like different mapsets. Just because Bonnie can't stand slaughtermaps and ZDoom doesn't mean others think the same way. I'm not a huge fan of mods, I only play with (G)ZDoom except in rare circumstances, and slaughtermaps are fun.
  11. Getting my DOOM 2 Sky back

    gzdoom builder
  12. Getting my DOOM 2 Sky back

    is that the only way?
  13. Getting my DOOM 2 Sky back

    I'm using a texture pack and it replaced my sky! How do I get the default DOOM 2 sky back?
  14. Davilion (Eight Level Community Project)

    i don't see this going anywhere without screenshots, or a demo. just a heads-up.
  15. What if the boss was more like SGT Mark IV's version of the IoS?It doesn't move - but let's just say it's a lot more menacing.