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  1. i did come here 13 years ago so for all i know they took it. But you will see some rules in the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.
  2. I can't believe this name was not taken already. New surprises all the time.

    1. Degreelessness Mode ON

      Degreelessness Mode ON

      It's probably because no one else wants to admit they play with cheats. :p

  3. Of course I do, You're already given a warning when you sign up - read the rules! I don't think we should give the banhammer for every infraction - but I think the "extreme cases" option is wayyyy too lenient on people. Yes, newbies should be given some leeway over more minor issues, but... Being on this forum is a privilege given to us by Linguica and the staff here. Someone pays for the servers, and they don't have to allow anyone on the forums they PAID for if they don't want to.
  4. I think monster limits being "overboard" isn't defined by an absolute number - as map layout, size, and monster types must be taken into consideration. A map the size of E1M1 with 250 is going to be cramped, and packed. A map the size of Holy Hell and 1000 is very lightly densed. It all boils down down to a bunch of factors.
  5. No scripting needed period! Ever heard of DECORATE? All you need is a custom actor that inherits BossEye. https://zdoom.org/wiki/Classes:BossEye
  6. How about someone make an Icon Of Knights that spawns Hell Knights (and it's brethren) exclusively?
  7. I really hope this gets a cacoward.
  8. Dimensional based maps. Maps that involve warping to different dimensions such as Interceptions Secret Levels.
  9. did you ever play Vulcana 2?
  10. It's that time again :O Anyone know of any non-megawad maps recently released that have an Icon Of Sin fight in them? Thanks!!!
  11. one of the maps has a lot more detail than the other.
  12. he isn't joking. one map has nearly 10k monsters, and another has over 8k.
  13. Love these maps! Played the beginning (the bare beginning) of each - though i did already play a couple of them and they seem really good! this adds a bit of horror to the game. just suddenly dying due to a telefrag. Boom! Nope. Doesn't have to be one map. Can be anything not in the megawads. Things like Erik Alm's AASHTTY (is that it)? (that episode with the really hard Icon fight that I won't spoil here) Or Mandrill Ass Project - this one is a little creepy Or the one with a computer based Icon of Sin fight. I did play Eternally Yours before - and enjoyed it a lot.
  14. i remember that one! it was hard! great map!! thanks for the recommendation!
    enjoyed this map. not easy and requires skill. use your rockets wisely!!
  15. thanks myst!! promotions are actually highly encouraged here.even self-promotions. troll maps need not apply
  16. Here, I did the dirty work for you: 2nd File: http://www.moddb.com/mods/brutal-doom/addons/bd-v20b-jrmyxd-arsenal 3rd File:http://www.moddb.com/mods/brutal-doom/downloads/doom-metal-soundtrack-mod-volume-4 (song by SgtMarkIV who is a DW community member) I take it this was meant to be played with Brutal Doom?
  17. Found it!! It's Community Chest 1 map 20 - technodrome. Gotta love the TMNT reference. http://doom.wikia.com/wiki/MAP20:_Technodrome_(Community_Chest) 1 Monster - The One God also is a good map. What I'm thinking is you will want to look up voodoo dolls. These are fake marines that if they get hurt, so do you. They get put in a small sector and there's either a crushing ceiling above them or barrels get crushed and they go kaboom. Or both. The higher the sector, the more time.
  18. I played the map before writing my review. The floors are literally packed with stimpacks and medikits, and so taking damage didn't add too much urgency. Especially because the map is so small. Enemy placement - I have nothing to say about this because the level needs a lot of work in regards to design first. Enemy placement doesn't mean a thing when the map needs work itself. Bur chainsawing a few imps in a maze isn't really much fighting. I downloaded spaaace A01 assuming that is the full wad. I think I get where you are coming at regarding urgency: there's a map in a megawad I do not remember which has a level 20 that is essentially a giant bomb. You have to disarm it in a time limit. Maybe you can look at that?
  19. played the level. screenshots look nice, but i didn't get to see any of it - just a small maze, chainsawing a few imps and picking up the red key followed by the exit. the level is going to need lots of work to improve it.
  20. i remember using batch scripting in the good ol days. c:\doom\gzdoom\gzdoom.exe -iwad c:\doom\doom2.wad -file c:\doom\d2redux.wad
  21. Always looking for new Icon of Sin maps. Please message me if you made one or know of any new ones :)

  22. add nexusmods to the list too. and moddb.
  23. I actually think modding has INCREASED over the years. Skyrim Witcher Series GTA Fallout just to name a few recent games known for mods.
  24. link fixed and tested. thanks Marcaek!