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  1. The name "Nirvana" (Map 21 of Doom 2) comes to mind. It means Eternal Peace in Buddhism. I know valkiriforce made a Map21 in Reverie (i think that's the wad) where it's peaceful.
  2. Castle of the Winds is a good example of this. But the term for that is "Freeware".
  3. the mere fact that it's sold on Steam is enough to say it's not abandonware regardless of how the term is defined.
  4. 1 hour is easy - if it's an extended music video of a song i really like - while doing something else (e.g: playing a game)
  5. there actually is a code in GZDOOM that makes all enemies enter a flee state.
  6. I don't even normally recommend this course of action - but I see enough potential in this map that I'll say go ahead. Instead of the death pits for instance; you can instantly kill the character either by telefragging a voodoo call or in (G)ZDoom by making the sector an instant kill sector.
  7. I'm legitimately surprised there is no publications or any review site that has that name. On another note, I can puke when I realize I can even write my own cheat codes in a scripting language. Really!
  8. I feel like this is something better done in GZDoom.There's a lot of opportunity, but vanilla is limiting it.
  9. about 1) here's my idea: the Fire state can execute a global script in ACS. This script can check the height of the Hate Target (whatever the battery is targeting) and launch a missile if it is tall enough. The script can also change the hate target.
  10. Much better. Things like that can make or break a wad.
  11. This whole area. https://ibb.co/i3H9G6 EDIT: Going back and playing the map it took me 19 seconds to beat it. On Nightmare.
  12. The beginning monsters followed by the ones in the lowering walls, plus the floating commander keen. Pathwise, I searched the borders outside to see if I could get in the water and when I did in the deep part where the exit was.
  13. That is true, but I still think with all the screenshots and opportunities the map could have been a bit bigger. Especially since there's about 100 monsters and when I finished I killed maybe about 20. It's a really nice map and making the player go through more of it before finishing would enable the player to see more that this map already offers. Are most of the areas in this map optional?
  14. if i'm not mistaken, you shouldn't be play Doom in school. It seems like they targeted that for schools because kids these days get laptops in school. Heck, I had a laptop as early as 2004! Don't forget there is a Home Edition.
  15. Map seems a bit short - but I'd like to see you continue to map.
  16. https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Hell_Revealed
  17. D/L link contains entire chillax wad.
    4 out of 5 just because it was funny summoning friendly demons to bite the flowers. Also watching a friendly cyberdemon not having any effect on the flowers was fun too.
  18. I disagree with this part of your review completely. There's plenty of music wads out there, and if people have a problem with D_Runnin they should go get new music themselves. But I do not think mappers should have to provide music unless they want to.
  19. i find the sound of the marines constantly annoying. plus they kill the monsters for you!!!
  20. I must be really out of the loop but how did darknation get banned?
  21. The forums were different when I registered here 13 years ago - we had a topic. Recently, we changed the forums completely. Now there is a privacy policy and Terms of service. Read those or proceed at your own risk!! But if you follow them you'll be fine. Basically don't be an asshole, upload illegal/copyrighted stuff or anything like that.
  22. i did come here 13 years ago so for all i know they took it. But you will see some rules in the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.
  23. I can't believe this name was not taken already. New surprises all the time.

    1. Degreelessness Mode ON

      Degreelessness Mode ON

      It's probably because no one else wants to admit they play with cheats. :p

  24. Of course I do, You're already given a warning when you sign up - read the rules! I don't think we should give the banhammer for every infraction - but I think the "extreme cases" option is wayyyy too lenient on people. Yes, newbies should be given some leeway over more minor issues, but... Being on this forum is a privilege given to us by Linguica and the staff here. Someone pays for the servers, and they don't have to allow anyone on the forums they PAID for if they don't want to.