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  1. Pure Hellspawn


    oh! i get it! so in addition to the sectors having their normal effect, they can also do damage! it used to be that was not the case afaik. i think this is where i got confused.
  2. Pure Hellspawn


    wouldn't that requiring tagging all the sectors though? i'm not sure every sector needs to be tagged.
  3. Pure Hellspawn


    honestly, if there's a way to loop through sectors - it shouldn't be too hard to write a script for this. here's some pseudocode: foreach sector set texture to lava (always) if effect doesnt equal exit on death AND it doesnt equal secret AND it doesnt equal a teleport AND any raise AND any lower AND any door or elevator trigger (or you can just start only by doing this on sectors with effect 0) set sector effect = hellslime or super hellslime or nukage (you can even make it difficulty based!) endif end loop
  4. Pure Hellspawn

    Red phobos path

    A nice first try, but I think it is in need of a bit of work. Here are some suggestions: 1: At the beginning the wall textures look like Door textures from Quake 2. I'd suggest using something else. 2: Missing textures at the end - anyone can recognizes the checkerboard. 3: Two megaspheres at the beginning (22 seconds in video) is unnecessary. And so is the Spider Mastermind. Does it block or guard anything? If not, it's unnecessary. 4: I see error message on your screen. Can't read them - but probably relating to textures at #2. 5: 1:02 in video - I think the level would look more natural if there was a door there. Most places don't have cold environments leading to bases without a door.
  5. Pure Hellspawn

    Neural nets sort of generate Doom maps but not really

    This is really, really, really old news. By 17 years. All you need to mimic this is a computer that runs SLIGE or Oblige.
  6. Pure Hellspawn

    The Age of Hell (megawad)

    I'd be very hardpressed to find anyone who'd complain about that in these maps. In fact, the quality seems to be right on par with Deus Vult - which is known for it's level of detail.
  7. Pure Hellspawn

    [DOOM II] Hellish Breakfast

    And a very high quality one to boot.
  8. Pure Hellspawn

    The Age of Hell (megawad)

    I agree that is not suitable for your wad. Something more along the lines of Shai'tans Luck map30, or Stomper Map29 is what I'm thinking.
  9. Pure Hellspawn

    The Age of Hell (megawad)

    Or a combination of all of three. A new big boss that takes killing a lot of lesser spawn to get to, that is in a room with icon of sin spawners. So now he has to deal with the boss and constantly spawning minions right after killing tons of monsters.
  10. Pure Hellspawn

    The Blast Furnace [/idgames]

    was this inspired by Sunder Map 11?
  11. Pure Hellspawn

    what's the worst WAD you've ever played?

    apparently your posting is much worse than your maps. please do not bump up threads who have last been posted over two years ago. and if you're a novice; don't go self-denigrating your own maps. instead, focus on how to be better and seek constructive criticism.
  12. Pure Hellspawn

    Lost Wads

    Dark Tartarus is here:
  13. Being competitive is a personality trait. Some people have fun being competitive - regardless of outcome. But regardless of what happens, everyone loses at some point. There is always someone better than you and even if you are the world champion; you will still lose sometimes. My advice is to play casually. Competition is fun - but if you start swearing and having meltdowns over losing deathmatch games to a stranger than it's not for you. Was that deathmatch even ranked or rated in someway? Source: I play casual chess. A lot of the more serious players obsess about their ELO rating. To them, "Losing ten rating points is like losing ten pints of blood".
  14. Pure Hellspawn

    The Age of Hell (megawad)

    in my 13 years here, I've never seen this. That's how good looking this is.
  15. Pure Hellspawn

    Chill Pill (silly complevel 2 mod that turns any wad into Chillax)

    This mod actually affects the Icon of Sin. And makes it actually tough.
  16. Pure Hellspawn

    [Resource][DEHACKED/BEX] Soulbruiser of Hell

    Archviles have a lower painchance than any monster. Arachnotrons - which are superior in combat to a Hell Knight - have double the pain chance. In fact it's the same as the Cacodemon which is extremely inferior. Edit: This monster is powerful. I put it up against an Spiderdemon and it won easily. I also tried it against a Cyberdemon and the Cyberdemon won 2 out of 3 times barely losing the 3rd. This monster is no joke, and in fact the only thing keeping it inferior is it's HP.
  17. Pure Hellspawn

    How to make levels harder without just adding more/harder enemies?

    Set player max health to 50. Only green armor. Revenants and av's become 1 hit KO potential.
  18. Pure Hellspawn

    The Age of Hell (megawad)

    i prefer an Icon of Sin well made over a Cyberdemon. Cyberdemons are in my opinion overused, too predictable, and usually get pwned by circlestafing. But he is using custom monsters, so there's a ton out there that's much deadlier. I personally would love to see a boss gauntlet that has an icon of sin battle (not necessary the last fight of the map) for Map 30.
  19. Pure Hellspawn

    DoomGuy's MSPaint adventure!

    DECORATE is better and easier to use - at this point DeHacked is really only for vanilla compatible wads. Multi-slotting your shotguns is a good idea as well - I think of BFG weapons as being in slot 7, plasmas in slot 6, Rockets in 5, you get the picture. Slot 1 is also a multislot weapon. You have your chainsaw and your fists (berserk). Keep in mind a tic is not equal to a second. 1 tic is 1/35th of a second. So you'll need 150 tics for a little over 4 seconds - this you can find here: https://zdoom.org/wiki/Definitions I think the pizza cutter should have a different sound - it doesn't resemble a pizza cutter.
  20. Pure Hellspawn

    Making a projectile spawn an actor on death

    look up clavnoxr.wad
  21. Pure Hellspawn

    DoomGuy's MSPaint adventure!

    welcome to the world of doom blacksmithing. are you using DEHACKED or DECORATE? I think you should create an alternate fire for some of the weapons. Also, Cyberdemons use grenades now. Generally, a very balanced weapon set; perhaps a little stronger than the original DOOM weapons. BFG is sorta like having svfastweapons 1 or 2 on for a normal BFG at the cost of 10 extra cells a shot. The PDD (plasma replacement) is kind of like a plasma version of SSG.
  22. Pure Hellspawn

    The Age of Hell (megawad)

    this reminds me a little of bloodstain map29. which is one of my favorite hell maps by the way. the black marble faces - will you be using those?
  23. Pure Hellspawn

    Have your own Personal Destruction Device!

    such a weapon exists already. boss monsters immune. i think it's the bomb in the weapon resource wad.
  24. Pure Hellspawn

    .net Framework 3.5

    if i'm not mistaken, you can develop .NET 3.5 applications even if you have an updated version. I'm a programmer; we use .NET 4.5 and older versions.
  25. Pure Hellspawn

    The Age of Hell (megawad)

    honestly, i love your mapping style. keep it up! my one suggestion may be to release it in fragments if that helps (like Jenesis!) very impressive.