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  1. LordEquimanthorn

    What's your favorite graphics program???

    So whats every ones favorite graphics editing program. Mine is Paint Shop Pro, it is easy to use and reliable. I was wondering whats all out there? Maybe I can find a better program, you never know?
  2. LordEquimanthorn

    Join Team Visplane Overflow!

    I don't really have the time to invlove myself, but I'm still helping Stealthy along with the project666 as he needs it...
  3. LordEquimanthorn

    I need some help...?

    I was wondering? It has been a while since I have mapped. Other than deutex36/deu (which I no longer have) what is a good program (that will run under winXP) to create a multiple level wad? In other words I have forgotton how to create a batch of levels under one "wad" name. I know this might be a dumb ass question but it would really help me out if I could get some pointers! Thankx Lord Equimanthorn
  4. LordEquimanthorn

    I need some help...?

    I also still use de-hacked. I geuss I'm still old school when it comes to doom editing? :P But the old trusty programs still do a good job!
  5. LordEquimanthorn


    Dwango5 rocks the house! I have some other favorites, but most people probably have not heard of them.
  6. LordEquimanthorn

    Super Bowl XXXIX

    Go Browns!!!!! :P
  7. LordEquimanthorn

    Deathmatch Project underway...

    I just sent my level in... It should be in the next review. If any one wants a copy E-mail me at LordEquimanthorn@hotmail.com This is just a one level demo. Still working on the other levels since I'm alone on this project. I still could use some help if any one was interested???
  8. LordEquimanthorn

    Deathmatch Project underway...

    I am working on a 7 level deathmatch wad called Hemdale! There is kind of a city theme behind the levels, but some levels have parts which stray from this. I have 2 levels complete and some screens if you want to see what I have so far! If any one wants to help out and make a level or see the screens drop me a line! LordEquimanthorn@hotmail.com Thankx Keep doom alive!!!
  9. LordEquimanthorn

    I need some help...?

    Deutex and Deu were sweet programs back in 1995/96! I used them for many a year, they were effective and easy to use! Im sure wintex is really cool too, I just have to get it to work...
  10. LordEquimanthorn

    Deathmatch Project underway...

    Here are some more updated pics I have of my level. Things are going very well! :) I will have a demo out very soon!!! http://img195.exs.cx/my.php?loc=img195&image=hemdale45tt.png http://img171.exs.cx/my.php?loc=img171&image=hemdale55yx.png http://img106.exs.cx/my.php?loc=img106&image=hemdale67hx.png
  11. LordEquimanthorn

    I need some help...?

    Thankx for all of you help people, glad to see a strong doom community! :) But late last night I ran across my copy of deutex36 and it works! So I will just continue to use it, thats what Im used to any ways... Oh and yes, I have heard of google (never new it found .dll files though) so I will look around abit. It was like 1998 the last time I did this kinda stuff, Im a rusty. :P
  12. LordEquimanthorn

    I need some help...?

    Hmm? WinTex is giving me this error that says I need this file called VBRUN300.dll ? The help file says this is a visual bacis 3 file, and that I can get it from microsoft but I am having trouble finding it? Any one have a clue?
  13. LordEquimanthorn

    Deathmatch Project underway...

    Yeah, I need to fix some textures, the project is still in the alpha phases. I figure if I can get some help it will be finished in a week or two!
  14. LordEquimanthorn

    Deathmatch Project underway...

    http://img184.exs.cx/my.php?loc=img184&image=hemdale9is.png http://img184.exs.cx/my.php?loc=img184&image=hemdale30wn.png http://img184.exs.cx/my.php?loc=img184&image=hemdale27za.png Here is a link to my pics... Thanks again for all of your help! Lord Equimanthorn
  15. LordEquimanthorn

    Deathmatch Project underway...

    I have my screens all in a zip file ready to send to whom ever wants them. I looked into wadsinprogress but my present screen shots are 800*600 and they require 640*480, so instead of resizing them, it will be easier to e-mail them to peeps. Thanks any ways for the helpful tips! :)
  16. LordEquimanthorn

    The /newstuff Chronicles #217

    Wow! Vae Victus is really cool (a nice challenge and it looks good)! This is a keeper!!! :)
  17. LordEquimanthorn

    Doomers by Location

    Earth USA [**]Ohio [***]Cleveland