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  1. ADEzor

    D_STALKS sounding like song

    i know this is an old post, but D_STALKS always reminded me about salsa, so i made a salsa remix out of it. ** here's the link: http://www.speedyshare.com/files/21097459/StalksSalsa.mp3 dunno how long the link stays alive though.
  2. ADEzor

    Skulltag Version 97D Released

    April fools!
  3. ADEzor

    Doomers by Location

    would be more coolio if some1 would make a world map and mark every1 to the map
  4. ADEzor


    whoah cool... i've always thought it still uses the very old zdoom version... gotta check that :D
  5. ADEzor

    Full mapping tutorial located at my site...

    Nice job Wada :D I didnt knew u were making a Doom3 tuto O..o
  6. ADEzor

    The /newstuff Chronicles #217

    The dual shotgun from "The Great Destroyer" owns
  7. ADEzor

    Problems with ZDoom 96

    96 works perfectly on WinME without crashing either :D
  8. ADEzor

    My gratitude to Zdoom 96

    Why the 63a is still the "Main" version of Zdoom? O..o zdoom96 works greatly in doom also
  9. ADEzor

    ZDoom Multi

    Zdoom would own in LANgame... but somehow it always goes out of sync after 5 mins :(
  10. ADEzor

    New Revenants?

    umm...never really bothered me earlier... but Revenant has two cannons on its shoulder... and it fires only one missile... would've been cooler if it would shoot two at once like mancubus does O..o
  11. ADEzor

    do you like my demon + screens

    You should become an architect O..o
  12. umm... ever tried to lift a flaming metalbarrel in real life? :P
  13. ADEzor

    Doomers by Location

    Earth Finland [**]Sotkamo [***]ADEzor
  14. ADEzor

    Wad Request

    I like more Base/spaceport themed maps. anyways... im just posting this cos im curious to see whats my forum status next...
  15. ADEzor


    umm just curious... what version from normal ZDoom is ZdoomGL using currently?