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  1. RESOL


    Just whenever the hell I feel like it.
  2. RESOL

    gba doom release date.

    I think that DOOM gba is worth the money but it was a stretch in my instore credit. at Gamestop
  3. RESOL


    I got it today, but I was kinda dissapointed. It has good graphics but the controls and lighting sucked big floppy donkey dick.
  4. RESOL


    Would you get DOOM GBA?
  5. RESOL

    gba doom release date.

    I got gba doom today and I was impressed and dissapointed at the same time. Graphics are good enimies are good quality but the controls suck and the lighting does to.
  6. RESOL

    Life would come to an end!

    people have good points and the way I feel I would have those poloticians play doom till they relized their mistake
  7. RESOL

    gba doom release date.

    it comes out on the 26th of october
  8. RESOL

    (Not) User-Friendly

    in win 98 dos is almost non functional
  9. RESOL

    Would you see it?

    Another movie that sucked goat balls was street fighter
  10. RESOL

    Game Music

    From the poll I had to pick diablo but I would have to say that FF7 had the best music in a game either that or the PSX DOOM
  11. If one morning you woke up and were transported into the Game what would you do?
  12. RESOL

    Would you see it?

    I very Rarely see movies on opening day and would want to hear the reviews from some different people.
  13. RESOL

    Would you see it?

    If or when the DOOM movie comes out would you or would you not see it?
  14. RESOL

    Why was Doom made?

    DOOM was made for one reason and one reason only. So gamers could having fun blasting away the demons instead of humans.
  15. RESOL

    GBA Doom: Part 2

    I reserved it as soon as Gamestop would let me.