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  1. So I'm a 20 year old student trying to get my start in the IT industry, and part of that has been the 70-270 MCSE exam. I took it today about 7 hours ago, I was given two hours, and used damn near every minute trying to answer all the questions to the best of my ability.

    I failed, by a margin of 2-3 questions. I have to say, it's doing little to cheer me up when I know so many people who find the Microsoft certifications to be embarrassingly easy.

    I'm not going to give up, but I'm feeling pretty fucking depressed about it at the moment, especially when I see shit like this:

    I realize you should never let these crazy smart kid cases get you down, but seeing that right after failing an exam just chokes me a little bit.

    On the bright side, I can try again without it costing me anything.. I'll use this opportunity wisely.. *sigh*..

    I really don't know where I'm going, especially with people saying the exams and certifications I'm going through are meaningless and wont help me in the long run. Outside of a low paying dead end job, this is my only option I've been able to turn to.. I don't want to do call center or fast food work for the rest of my life..

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      Terrible typo compared to what I meant to say, but damnit I think it still applies.

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      I don't see how that was any different. Unless you're implying Al Bundy was a pedophile.

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      Can't be, he's only turned on by Big'uns.