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    Deimos Research Facility

    updated the post with an extended story.
  2. kingers

    Deimos Research Facility

    The Story Unknown to our Mars Marine the UAC had set up a small but competent research facility on the 2nd moon of Mars (Deimos). While the destruction on Mars takes place the Deimos facility is also overwhelmed by the spawns of Hell and you are the only marine left alive following the initial attack. You must now fight your way to the abandoned escape pod launching system in order to escape the carnage and return to Earth. Set side-by-side with the story from DOOM3 this expansion takes a new hero through the destroyed Deimos facility as he passes through the Titan Research Sectors, Gamma Analysis Systems and the top secret X-Labs (a division of Delta Labs on Mars). Fight your way to safety encountering all your old favourites such as the imp, maggot and pinky. Learn of the long term plans for the UAC's presence on Mars and enjoy the numerous links to the events taking place on Mars. Website: http://deimos.incohost.com [UPDATED] Forums: http://deimos.incoforums.com Community members are welcome to join the team, there is forum dedicated to this topic. Enjoy, Kingers