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  1. Burzum

    german doom3 page

    Some (some more) days ago planetquake.com WAS a good page. But today...all what i see is gayspy advertisement and bad content. Ok, the content of planetquake.com isn`t such a bad thing compared with planetquake.de. The german planetquake.de sucks as, cheap copy of planetquake.com for kids - remember in germany its not allowed to sell quake and other bloody 1st person games to coustumer under 18 years.
  2. Burzum

    german doom3 page

    Errr...das ist genau DAS was ich vermeiden will, weil ingame einfach kacke ist meiner Meinung nach. Alte "News", beschissene Forenadministration, permanente Ausfälle, ein Schreibstil in den News der grauenhaft ist, null Formulierung und nichts... Also besser als inga"y"me solls schon werden, ist ja nicht sooo schwer ;) Allerdings muss ich dazu sagen das doomzone.de ein -privates- Projekt ist, bisher arbeiten nur Leute mit die ich persönliche kenne. Wir haben also keine finanziellen und Marketingmöglichkeiten wie eben ingame oder andere.
  3. Burzum

    german doom3 page

    Hey, thx for the offering :) But i think we should speak english here ;) If you want write down the whole ORIGINAL story or copy and paste it from somewhere. Contact me in IRC #doomzone QuakeNet or via icq 8901564 if you want.
  4. Burzum

    german doom3 page

    Hi, im currently working on this page here with some friends doomzone.de Heres a screenshot from the design and content http://www.doomzone.de/screenshot.jpg Its a bit inspired by doomworld.com and planetquake.com ;) I think the page will open for the public next month if the work continus as fast as it is. Your opinions ?
  5. Burzum

    My thoughts on Doom 3 multiplayer!

    No Coop SUCKS :( Its just a half game without coop.
  6. Burzum

    doom 1&2 weapon and enemy infos

    Well yes, and a picture :) But this is the easiest part of the whole infos ;)
  7. Burzum

    doom 1&2 weapon and enemy infos

    Argh, im an idiot ;) Ok, thx !
  8. Hi, im working on a new doom3 related news and community page (doomzone.de, site language is german)wich contains a classic doom section with infos about the old game. I want to add a table with all the weapons from doom 1&2 wich should contain the following informations Weapon Name Damage (Health) per Hit Damage (Armor) per Hit Munition Type Ok, Name and Munition Type are easy to find, but where can i find the values ? And the same for the Demons Name Health Weapon Damage (Health) per Hit Damage (Armor) per Hit Thanks !
  9. Burzum

    Quake 1 Mod with per pixel light

    Ive tried it too...TRIED ;) But i wont give up hehe The problem is simply that you have to set such amount of paths, texturerenameings and and and...
  10. Burzum

    Doom, the movie

    ARGHHHH NOOO ! I wont see a crappy doom3 movie ! Doom means fear, blood and gore and it is definitly NOT a sci-fi movie. But im sure they will make one of it if its pg13 ratet :( I personaly would like to see a doom3 CG-movie like final fantasy, great effekt, no limits in splattering corpses and such nice stuff ;)
  11. Burzum

    Quake 1 Mod with per pixel light

    Tenebrae got a new better looking page http://tenebrae.sourceforge.net There 5 News screenshots of a special map for tenebrae wich is looking GREAT. And im happy about the upcomming md3 support. @DaJuce Its not that detailed like doom3 but its nearly what we will get next year from id. With md3 support and highres texture were getting closer to a much better look. I personaly cant wait to see md3 models with bumpmapping in tenebrae :)
  12. Burzum

    Quake 1 Mod with per pixel light

    Ive seen other Q1 Enginemods wich supports shaders, *.tga & *.jpg support, md2 and md3 models and q3map loading. It would be great if anyone could merge this with tenebrae ;)
  13. Burzum

    Quake 1 Mod with per pixel light

    Lowres 640x400 with FSAA http://www.asgardsreich.de/quake00.jpg (30kb)
  14. Tenebrae is a Quake I Engine-Mod, just take a look on it, i think its no more to say than "whoaaa !" http://studwww.rug.ac.be/~cholleme/tenebrae/shots4/page_01.htm If you see it in motion its much better than the screenshots, i think this will give you a good idea how doom3 will look and stop the trolls moaning about the doom3 screens... http://studwww.rug.ac.be/~cholleme/tenebrae/ (the page is damn slow!)