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  1. Kochipahk

    Trying to remember this WAD

    That's the one! Thanks bro.
  2. I can remember two levels, one that is set on wooded island with Japanese architecture, and another also on an island feature a rather large tower. Thanks
  3. Kochipahk

    Shit Happens

    I lolled at the Satanism one.
  4. Kochipahk

    [KDiZD] Community Information Thread

    Maybe... IDKFA? EDIT: Okay, that was a given, but maybe they made different Key colors just for each map.
  5. If you want to. I can't guarantee I'll have a map out, but I'll definitely try. Besides, this is due out this coming November, right? And yeah. I'll make it a Baron map, I suppose.
  6. I can make a door and switch, that easy enough to figure out. My problem comes from getting everything textured properly. When creating the general outline of your map, should you start with the sectors or the linedefs? 'Cause Doombuilder likes to have put linedefs as part of sectors I don't want them to be a part of, and it's tough to change that. I also have trouble with multiple elevations.
  7. I'd definitely like to contribute to this map, but I fail at mapping. I'll see if I can get something together, though. I'll probably use Hell Knights.
  8. Kochipahk

    [KDiZD] Community Information Thread

    Two words: Fucking Awesome.
  9. Hmmm... Try one year. 'Cause, as of yet, I've been unable to make a workable map. I seem to be having trouble with multiple elevations... Basically, everything about making a wad in general. I take that back: I've made one workable wad. It consisted of two small rooms, a Super Shotgun with a box of shells, and about 4 imps.
  10. Kochipahk

    Guitars and other instruments

    Actually, I do have a super-old crappy acoustic guitar that has a combonation of like nylon and steel, red, black and silver strings. Wait, nevermind, they're only silver and black.
  11. Kochipahk

    Guitars and other instruments

    I'm getting lost in this conversation. Drums anyone? *is shot*
  12. Kochipahk

    Stuck in AV

    07... Refresh my memory, that is the Beast Island level right? The exit door should be behind one of those skull-walls accessible from the courtyard of the fortress.
  13. Kochipahk

    Wad In Progress [Arena Tension]

    This is what I'm talking about : http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/index.php?id=13402
  14. Kochipahk

    Hell in Heaven

    Deimos was pulled into Hell itself. Mars is not Hell.
  15. Kochipahk

    The /newstuff Chronicles #237

    I haven't been able to play Doom recently because I lost my wireless mouse, and my laptop doesn't support anything but USB mouses. Dammit.