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  1. chaoscentral

    CodeImp Please Read!

    Ok, if you recall, a while back I requested a DECORATE editor in Doom Builder. Well, I took it upon myself to make my own, and I was wondering if you would include it in future releases, as many people in the ZDoom community welcomed the idea, as it saves alot of time. (i.e. Editing the map..... Saving....Close Doom Builder.... Opening XWE/Other..... Edit DECORATE.....Save.....Open Doom Builder.... Test.... ERROR!.....Repeat
  2. chaoscentral

    Importing high res 8bb PNGs for textures/flats.

    so any idea when they will be implemented... srry just anxious so i can make some good stuff for gzdoom
  3. chaoscentral

    [feature request]DECORATE editor

    I don't know if this is the rightplace to ask this. But would it be at all possible to include a DECORATE editor in future releases. The reason that this would be a good feature, is that when ever making a map, and you want to fix the DECORATE code, you need to exit doombuilder, edit the DECORATE, then go back in doombuilder. If the code doesnt work, then you have to do it again. The cycle just gets really annoying, and feel that it would make some lives easier... just a thought though.
  4. chaoscentral

    [feature request]DECORATE editor

    ok, guess I'll have to learn how to edit the source then lol. O well, at least I got a straight answer.
  5. chaoscentral


    ok finally I appreciate the help... I'm a dumbass lol
  6. chaoscentral


    How can I import scripts made in whacked2... because I see that dehacked is afile type that is recognized. is there a converter some where I can use. I really need help.