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Status Updates posted by Jodwin

  1. So, I'm going to Japan for a four week vacation this summer, mostly staying in Tokyo but also doing a little bit of traveling. Just now I checked if the best band in the world would be touring during this summer, and sure enough they are.

    And their gig in Tokyo is a week after I'll have left the country.


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    2. DuckReconMajor


      Bucket said:

      You might want to scan for viruses, because something hijacked your link to http://www.king-crimson.com/.

      This is a joke right? I clicked the link and it had words like what japan people write or something. I was scared. Starting a scan now.

    3. ReFracture


      DuckReconMajor said:

      This is a joke right? I clicked the link and it had words like what japan people write or something. I was scared. Starting a scan now.

      Lol. Yes that's Japanese text, which should not surprise you if you read Jodwin's post. Bucket is just being a smartass.

      By the way, take some good pictures for us if you wouldn't mind Jodwin.

    4. Use


      Don't get arrested!

  2. http://www.jodwin.com/

    No idea what I'm going to do with it, though.

    1. Maes


      Unless they start selling domains at the bazaar or by CoD, this will be way out of my league.

  3. So, I'm currently spending my two week summer vacation in Nippon and thought I could use a little change of pace from monging in Akiba and Comiket all the time. I found out that there was going to be a two hour long firework festival in a remote (read: 70 minutes from Tokyo) town called Kumagaya, so I decided I'll go check it out.

    After less than an hour of rockets and squealing Japanese girls the whole thing went from this:

    To this:

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    2. Jodwin


      deathbringer said:

      Mind you I was in Japan late July/early Aug last year and there was some huge impressive display somewhere nearby every day so the pyrotechnic wonders must get a bit "meh" after a solid month or so.

      I guess, plus almost everyone attending was enjoying their picnic rather than watching the fireworks I guess (there was a ton of people attending with their families). Although it's a little different this year, because most of the firework events this year in Tokyo area have been canceled, "in respect of the tsunami victims" or some such. That's the reason I had to go that far to catch some. :P

      Of course, the fails continue as I had my brand new (used for less than two weeks) netbook have its hard drive disappear and now I'm depending on the occasional hotel lobby internet time. Yay. Ironically I had bought that netbook just for the sake of using it when traveling, and then it goes boom on the first trip it's used on...

    3. geo


      I've got stories... So a decade ago lets say. 4th of July. My friend's parent's friend... let's call him Steve. Was really wasted drunk and decides to set off big time fireworks. Well I didn't want him to blow up so I helped him.

      We had pipes that we lit the fireworks put it in the pipes and shot them off.

      Well they were past their expiration date and dangerous. I had no idea they were past expiration, but I did find out quicly how dangerous they were.

      They'd shoot into the air fall to the ground in the neighbor's yard and then blow up! Or some would shoot 4 feet into the air instead of 100 and blow up. One blew up in one of the pipes and destroyed the pipe.

      There was one really bad one that blew up as soon as if left the pipe. You know you haven't seen fireworks until you've been in the blast radius of some giant super nova.

      Since then fireworks haven't appealed to me. I still remember what it was like being in there.

      Anyway after it was all said and done Steve's wife thanked me for making sure Steve didn't blow himself up because fuck we came close.

    4. Roscoe


      wipe out fireworks :(

  4. I was going to make a New year's speedmap late last night when Doom Builder crapped out on me when I tried to save the map, losing an hour of work. Hour's not a pretty big deal, but it was the first time I was able to get time for mapping since October. Then I found out that suddenly DB was no longer able to open any wad files all. I suspect it was because of particular system settings I had changed since last using DB, and which I can't take back because of other programs more important than DB. Mind you, I was still using Doom Builder 1 because it had been much, much better than Doom Builder 2.

    Then today I re-installed DB 2 to check if it would work and if it was worth anything at all. Sure, file operations for it worked. But when I tried to map, it's still as fucking horrible as ever:
    1) Why the fuck clicking void when you have selected something doesn't deselect the items?

    2) Why the fuck pressing insert to add vertex or line just puts the vertex where the cursor is instead of entering a place mode where you THEN click the target spot with the mouse (like in DB1)?

    3) Why the fuck linedefs try to snap to vertices when drawing if you aren't fully zoomed in? The whole snap-to thing when drawing fucking sucks.

    Okay, 1) and 3) were hidden in the settings, but I can't comprehend why the hell they were set on by default by begin with. Who the fuck wants linedefs stitching to vertices all the fucking time? Who wants to have selected items sticking around all the fucking time? But even if I could fix those, it doesn't help the most important issue which is THE INSERT BUTTON BEING FUCKING RETARDED, slowing mapping process a lot.

    There's no way I can map with a program that works in a completely illogical fashion compared to its predecessor, and with DB 1 no longer working for me, fuck this shit.

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    2. 40oz


      I remember being not very interested in switching to DB2 for a while. I kinda had to force myself into getting used to it and now im glad i did.

    3. hervoheebo


      Funny, for me it was kinda the opposite. I was merrily building with DB1 and remembered that trailer a while back, went and checked the site and apparently DB2 had been released quite a while ago. Haven't looked back since. When I have to use other editors on less powerful computers (that can't run DB2) it feels almost alien.

    4. Megalyth


      DB1 has been giving me a few problems that I've not experienced before. This has only been since I reformatted and reinstalled everything. One theory is that now I'm running SP3 as opposed to SP2, which had possibly preserved my XP install in an older state more conducive to DB1's 3D mode, which is where the problems seem to be stemming from. Another is my primitive video card running much newer drivers than before the reformat. I've experienced dramatic compatibility shifts from one forceware to the next.

      Unfortunately, while DB2 is more stable, my PC is a tad too slow to run DB2 in the same capacity as DB1.

  5. On January 12th, I'll be leaving to Japan for three months to take part in the JLS Program.


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    2. Maes


      You are not truly hardcore until you find an esoteric shooter game like Madarame did.

      Jodwin said:

      Also high school girls aren't as common as you'd think.

      Gotta play with whatever you can get hold of, bro.

    3. Shaikoten


      Jodwin said:

      Yes and no; I've yet to see any people who'd be upfront racist. Okay sure, it's been only three weeks, but even if you'd meet just one racist person in three weeks that's not so bad. And the Japanese people I've met have all been friendly, as a matter of fact the lack of "OMG STUPID GAIJIN"-itis has been pretty surprising so far.

      Besides, it helps if you actually realize that you're the visitor and take the stick out of your ass. And you don't need to take everything too seriously either; we often make fun of ourselves when we're acting like STUPID GAIJIN - and the locals don't seem to mind us that much.

      I think the racist thing is less in Tokyo, and definitely less for tourists. People seem to tell me it's only when you settle in with a house and job that people start to really go like "no, seriously, why are you here? GTFO." But seriously, wtf do I know? Have fun seeing what a dose of radiation and post-war shame can do to twist American culture to insanity. :3

      Also, Maes, there were actually a couple decent looking girls in that ugly Japanese girl video. By a couple I mean two, exactly. But yeah, not a surprise.

    4. Mr. T

      Mr. T

      Don't worry, there's plenty of racism to go around. It's just a passive, nuanced racism that you will pick up after spending some time with real Japanese people...

      Count the number of times they correct you with "Japanese people think..." as if every Japanese person is part of some homogenous group (which to be fair, they are).

      But I'm not a hater or bitter, jaded "please make me feel special" gaijin, so I'm not going to rag on the country too much. You're only here for a few months, so everyone will be on their best behaviour and accomodating. Enjoy it!