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  1. So, I'm currently spending my two week summer vacation in Nippon and thought I could use a little change of pace from monging in Akiba and Comiket all the time. I found out that there was going to be a two hour long firework festival in a remote (read: 70 minutes from Tokyo) town called Kumagaya, so I decided I'll go check it out.

    After less than an hour of rockets and squealing Japanese girls the whole thing went from this:

    To this:

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    2. Jodwin


      deathbringer said:

      Mind you I was in Japan late July/early Aug last year and there was some huge impressive display somewhere nearby every day so the pyrotechnic wonders must get a bit "meh" after a solid month or so.

      I guess, plus almost everyone attending was enjoying their picnic rather than watching the fireworks I guess (there was a ton of people attending with their families). Although it's a little different this year, because most of the firework events this year in Tokyo area have been canceled, "in respect of the tsunami victims" or some such. That's the reason I had to go that far to catch some. :P

      Of course, the fails continue as I had my brand new (used for less than two weeks) netbook have its hard drive disappear and now I'm depending on the occasional hotel lobby internet time. Yay. Ironically I had bought that netbook just for the sake of using it when traveling, and then it goes boom on the first trip it's used on...

    3. geo


      I've got stories... So a decade ago lets say. 4th of July. My friend's parent's friend... let's call him Steve. Was really wasted drunk and decides to set off big time fireworks. Well I didn't want him to blow up so I helped him.

      We had pipes that we lit the fireworks put it in the pipes and shot them off.

      Well they were past their expiration date and dangerous. I had no idea they were past expiration, but I did find out quicly how dangerous they were.

      They'd shoot into the air fall to the ground in the neighbor's yard and then blow up! Or some would shoot 4 feet into the air instead of 100 and blow up. One blew up in one of the pipes and destroyed the pipe.

      There was one really bad one that blew up as soon as if left the pipe. You know you haven't seen fireworks until you've been in the blast radius of some giant super nova.

      Since then fireworks haven't appealed to me. I still remember what it was like being in there.

      Anyway after it was all said and done Steve's wife thanked me for making sure Steve didn't blow himself up because fuck we came close.

    4. Roscoe


      wipe out fireworks :(